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Meet the Lancers

What is Anthem Enclave?

Anthem Enclave is an Anthem community founded on Discord as "Low Sodium Lancers" shortly after the release of Anthem. It was founded as a place to find others who were looking to escape the salt and just enjoy the game for what it was.

This website is the product of the combined knowledge and experience of our community, countless thousands of hours of gameplay and testing. A place where that information can be accessed by not just our community, but the entire Anthem community.

All artwork on the site was created by the incredibly talented Meluial/Fleshwerks_art

Logo and branding by Eethality

Contact Us

Business and serious inquiries can be sent to Elendel19 at AnthemEnclave@gmail.com

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Join our Discord server and hang out, ask questions, find groups or just chat about the game.

The Freelancers


Admin of AnthemEnclave, Twitch streamer and Bastion's most prolific Grabbit hunter. Follow him on Twitch for more Anthem content


Illustrator. Likes art, Colossus, and not much else.


Master of stats and numbers of Anthem, JRS was a part of the squads that held the #1 leaderboard spot through the majority of the Cataclysms


Anthem Veteran, almost exclusively plays Interceptor. Explorer, Min-maxer, Secret Hunter. Co-leader of the Grabbit Kingdom Guild on PC.


Boni is a physicist, techie and casual player who likes to reverse engineer game rules.


Keen eye design guy of the Enclave and all around forge-rat who often experiments with playing javelins the "wrong way."


Master Colossus pilot and top Xbox Leaderboard player, Soggy just wants to smash.


Meta focused Storm and Colossus master. Optimizes until it’s annoying, then continues.


Anthem veteran, Interceptor enthusiast & solo play specialist with a min/max-fetish. Mainly crafts balanced builds for solo play.


Ranger enthusiast, pretends she doesn't care about the leaderboards. Actually here for the pretty noises the loot makes.


Arcanist-Bard-Freelancer Patamon, keeper of histories, stories, and lore in the Anthem Wiki is always ready to talk about Anthem and Coda!


Vega (aka @FalcoVega) mains an Interceptor, moonlights as a Chronicler of in-game lore, and makes fan-art and fan-fiction.


Parentlancer. Interceptor main. Eternal optimist with no patience for whining or BS. Also makes amazing Grabbit tacos.