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Record Formatting

Think you can do better?

Anthem Enclave has several competitive activities set up for those in the community who are interested in pushing the limits of their Javelins and experience.

All of our Build Guides are put through a benchmark run of solo GM3 Heart of Rage to show how they function and what they can do. If you think you can beat the time that has been posted on the guide, read through the formatting rules below and give it your best shot! If you can beat the current record (by being faster in at least 2 of the 3 "split" times posted), we will feature your video on the that build guide.

The Anthem World Records page is where we track the absolute top performing Freelancers Bastion has to offer. Show off your Javelin's damage numbers, or your pilot skills by setting a new Time Trial record. Make sure to read the Record Submission rules down below before you start.

Benchmark Submissions

The posted video on each build guide is the fastest clear time that has been submitted for that particular build, but anyone is welcome to beat it and have their recording featured!

If you want to submit a run, you will first need to join the Anthem Enclave discord server. Instructions on how to submit your video can be found in the pinned message in the "enclave-suggestions" channel.

Videos will be posted on the Anthem Enclave YouTube channel, but you may also post to your own personal YouTube channel and that link will be used on the build guide should you beat the current record (only if you have an ACTIVE channel you are regularly creating content on).

Format and rules

Your run must be completed using the exact gear laid out in the build guide, without swapping out anything mid run. Some guides will state that a certain slot can use whatever (typically for guns or less important universal components) in which case you may choose any item for that piece.

Clean game play and audio please. No mic, no overlays or graphics, no music.

This is a solo run, not a team run. The full run must be completed alone, but you may bring in a squad in order to ensure your run isn't ruined by a random player joining you. Any other players in the instance must stay back at the spawn (behind the river of lava) for the duration of the run.

The run consists of the first room of Heart of Rage through to the Titan kill in the second room in Grandmaster 3 difficulty. You must start the run immediately when you load in, you may not wait for your ultimate bar to charge. Any runs that start with an ultimate bar over ~25% will not be eligible, UNLESS you do not use your ultimate in the first room. If your build has so much ultimate speed stacked that you break that 25% mark without intending to, start the recording during/before the load in so we can see that it is not pre-charging.

You may intentionally die in order to restart the first room if things do not go well, but you must make sure to stay under the 25% ultimate charge cap by using your ultimate to reset the bar.

Time will begin when you make your first attack, OR, when you move past the turrets that guard the entrance to the first room, whichever comes first. Split time for the first room ends when the event completes (final enemy is killed), and total run time ends when the Titan dies. Titan split time begins when you first attack the Titan, or first take damage from the Titan, which ever comes first. Times will be taken from your video, you do not need to provide them.

Either at the beginning of the video or at the end, you must open your inventory window (as shown above) where we will be able to see the full list of items you have equipped and also the difficulty.

The inscriptions you choose on each item is entirely up to you, all that is required is using the proper items in each slot. Sigils are also your choice.

If you have any questions or any issues getting your run recorded or submitted, contact Elendel19 via the Anthem Enclave discord server or email at

World Record Submissions

If you want to submit a new record, you will first need to join the Anthem Enclave discord server. Instructions on how to submit your video can be found in the pinned message in the "enclave-suggestions" channel.

Damage Records

In order to submit a new damage record, all we need is a short recording of the attack. It only needs to be a few seconds, but it should show clearly what exactly happened and how the damage was done. Please only record game audio, with no overlays or anything other than the game play shown

Time Trials

To submit a new Time Trial record, record the entire run starting from before you activate the race until after you land on the finishing platform and the time is visible. Game play and audio only please, no music or overlays. If you have your own active youtube channel you may upload it there and send us the link.