Beginner Colossus


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Beginner Colossus

This is my personal suggestion for a Colossus set-up while playing through the main story and leveling up to pilot level 30. Early game there is quite a lot of freedom to play however you want as guns are quite effective and most gear is as well (this is not the case in the end game). Feel free to change things out or just do whatever feels good to you personally.



  • The guns are entirely personal preference as most of them will get the job done. Devastator is my favourite gun in the game. It is SO satisfying to use and the explosive rounds can clear out several small enemies with a single shot. I will forever use this Sniper Rifle when on a low level pilot.
  • This gun is nice. Incredible fire rate, huge magazine size and solid damage. Great option for stripping shields off of enemies or laying into a weakpoint that is exposed to you.

Melee Weapon

Seismic Glove
  • This is the detonator melee weapon, which detonates any primers in a small area around you. Also deals quite a lot of damage. Keep in mind, you also have your shield as an option and sprinting or flying through enemies with your shield raised is also very effective.


  • Self explanatory name, its a hose of fire. Tons of charges, very hard to use them all. Burns for quite a lot of damage but more importantly sets you up for big blast combos when paired with your other gear peice.
Lightning Coil
  • This skill is toggled on and off and will continue sending out an arc of lightning every second until it runs out or is turned off. You can turn this on and then spray your flamethrower (or do pretty much anything else, even fly) while it detonates combos as quickly as your flamethrower can prime.

Support Item

Battle Cry
  • Yell at the enemies in front of you to lower their resistances by 33%, increasing all damage they take.


As you level up you will unlock more component slots, maxing out at 6 slots at level 23. Use this list as a guide for the ideal components to use as you unlock more slots. Keep in mind that your Javelin’s shields and armor come from your components, which are based on the item level. You may have to switch out a preferred component for something less ideal if you outlevel it too far and can’t get a higher level version.

Colossus Combo Augment
  • 50% increased combo damage, absolutely huge buff. You need this component.
Overclocked Regulator
  • Increases both fire and lightning damage by 35%, which are the two elements you are using on your gear slots.
Ultimate Inscription
  • Adds 15% damage to your ultimate, which is great for wiping out pretty much anything in sight.
Heavy Shield Reinforcement
  • Increases shield damage while sprinting by a massive 300%. Not only is it actually quite an effective tactic, pretending to be a bowling ball and sprinting through a group of outlaws with your shield is absolutely hilarious and never gets old.
Melee Inscription
  • Melee is a pretty major part of most Colossus gameplay, so adding a bit more damage is always nice.
Structural Reinforcement
  • Huge boost to both shields and armor. Rank this one higher if you find yourself dying often (or ever, you're a Colossus, that's embarrassing)


The auto pilot combos of Flamethrower plus Lightning Coil will wipe out any group of enemies you run into, since Colossus combos are AoE. Torrent and your Ultimate should handle anything that survives the flame. Colossus has a ton of health, but also takes a ton of damage. Being up close with your Flamethrower and/or Melee will actually help you survive, as you will regularly get armor packs dropped on top of you. The hardest thing about this build is properly managing Lightning Coil and not letting it run unnecessarily so you don't waste charges. Once you get the hang of when to turn it on and off you will find yourself clearing enemies much faster. Final tip, its never too early to start working on the Advanced Colossus Mechanics Guide which will significantly speed up your movement and damage output! Once you get up to or near level 30, check out the Colossus Guide for a great breakdown of all the Masterwork gear that you will start to find from level 25 on.

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