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Beginner Interceptor

This is my personal suggestion for an Interceptor set-up while playing through the main story and leveling up to pilot level 30. Early game there is quite a lot of freedom to play however you want as guns are quite effective and most gear is as well (this is not the case in the end game). Feel free to change things out or just do whatever feels good to you personally.



  • The guns are entirely personal preference as most of them will get the job done. Devastator is my favourite gun in the game. It is SO satisfying to use and the explosive rounds can clear out several small enemies with a single shot. I will forever use this Sniper Rifle when on a low level pilot.
  • My favourite automatic gun. A high RPM light machine gun that packs a serious punch. Very good at tearing off Valkyrie shields, or just killing them outright

Melee Weapon

Twin Blades
  • This is the detonator melee weapon, which is going to be your only combo source. These blades are not usually advised in the end game because interceptor combo damage does not scale like Ranger and Colossus do, and you will eat every primer before anyone else can combo. This is not a problem in the early game, as your combos will be very strong still.


Detonating Strike
  • Despite its name, this ability is a primer, not a detonator. It also deals pretty serious damage to everything in a cone in front of you, or if you use it while in the air you will do a downward smash that deals extra damage to enemies where you land.
Venom Bomb
  • Always open a fight with an acid grenade at the feet of the enemies. Not only does this set you up for a nice combo, acid will reduce the enemies damage resistance by 25% which increases their damage taken by all sources while the acid effect lasts.

Support Item

Target Beacon
  • Reduced enemy damage resistance by 33%, increasing all damage taken, and moves to a new enemy when the first dies. I probably don’t have to mention that more damage is a good thing.


As you level up you will unlock more component slots, maxing out at 6 slots at level 23. Use this list as a guide for the ideal components to use as you unlock more slots. Keep in mind that your Javelin’s shields and armor come from your components, which are based on the item level. You may have to switch out a prefered component for something less ideal if you outlevel it too far and can’t get a higher level version.

Battle Inscription
  • Increases weapon damage by 25%. Melee counts as weapon damage, so that applies to your melee as well as your guns.
Conductivity Augment
  • Boosts Electricity damage, electricity resistance and gear recharge speed by 20% each. Detonating strike is lightning damage and the combo aura you gain when detonating its primer will be as well. Plus 20% cooldown reduction is very nice.
Melee Inscription
  • 15% more melee damage, which should be one of your main damage sources.
Double-Edged Inscription
  • 35% more damage done, but 35% more damage taken. This is a huge damage increase, IF you can survive with the added incoming damage. Use your own judgement here.
Ultimate Inscription
  • Adds 15% damage to your ultimate.
Strike System Augment
  • Adds another 5% to detonating strike, which isnt much, but it’s something. If you've been having trouble surviving you can replace this with an armor or shield reinforcement.


This build is designed mostly to take advantage of melee and combo damage, with a little support from guns. Don’t rely too heavily on guns, that’s something you won’t be able to do at all if you make it to Grandmaster 3. Don’t forget to throw your Target Beacon on big targets and always keep acid up. Get into the habit of combos early and things will be a walk in the park. Take a look at our Advanced Interceptor Guide if you want to learn some extra tricks to move faster and deal with certain situations that can be difficult (like Valkyries). Once you get up to or near level 30, check out the Interceptor Guide for a great breakdown of all the Masterwork gear that you will start to find from level 25 on.

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