Beginner Storm


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Beginner Storm

This is my personal suggestion for a Storm set-up while playing through the main story and leveling up to pilot level 30. Early game there is quite a lot of freedom to play however you want as guns are quite effective and most gear is as well (this is not the case in the end game). Feel free to change things out or just do whatever feels good to you personally.



  • The guns are entirely personal preference as most of them will get the job done. Devastator is my favourite gun in the game. It is SO satisfying to use and the explosive rounds can clear out several small enemies with a single shot. I will forever use this Sniper Rifle when on a low level pilot.
  • My favourite automatic gun. A high RPM light machine gun that packs a serious punch. Very good at tearing off Valkyrie shields, or just killing them outright.

Melee Weapon

Shocking Strike
  • This is the primer melee weapon, which electrifies your enemies. Electric status effects arc lightning damage to enemies around the target (but none to the enemy with the effect on them). This makes the primer VERY powerful in groups of enemies, but does nothing to a single target.


Burning Orb
  • Charge up a big fireball to deal heavy AoE damage and detonate any primers in the blast radius. Comes with 5 charges, making it very difficult to run out. You can spam this nearly endlessly.
Ice Storm
  • Super effective Ice primer and fantastic crowd control ability. keep the entire battlefield locked in ice, or use your Burning Orb to detonate the primers. Has 3 charges and very quick recharge, letting you get a lot of use out of it.

Support Item

Wind Wall
  • Portable cover whenever you need it, makes positioning much easier and lets you take more risks. Also great for blocking enemies while you revive a team mate.


As you level up you will unlock more component slots, maxing out at 6 slots at level 23. Use this list as a guide for the ideal components to use as you unlock more slots. Keep in mind that your Javelin’s shields and armor come from your components, which are based on the item level. You may have to switch out a preferred component for something less ideal if you outlevel it too far and can’t get a higher level version.

Elemental Synergy
  • Increases Gear damage by 50% but slows the recharge rate by 20%. This is the first piece of a nice pair of components with opposite effects.
Elemental Empowerment
  • Increases Gear recharge rate by 50% and reduces Gear damage by 20%. Wearing both of these gets you a flat 30% increase to both gear damage and gear recharge. Both stats are VERY good on a Storm.
Chaos Core
  • Increases Blast damage, which increases Burning Orb's already respectable damage output. Will also buff Devastator's explosive rounds.
Elemental Conduit
  • 35% elemental damage at the cost of losing 35% physical (gun) damage. It's a no brainer for a Storm, your gear is your biggest focus and you really shouldn't be worrying about guns too often.
Shield Reinforcement
  • Storms can be a bit squishy at times, and you should be taking advantage of the "increased shields while hovering" perk that you have.
Ultimate Inscription
  • 15% additional Ultimate damage. Storm has the weakest Ultimate without a doubt, but it can still come in handy when you have large swarms of smaller enemies to deal with.


Storm above all other beginner builds really focuses on Gear damage over gun damage. The high charge stacks of Burning Orb and Ice Storm allow you to use them almost endlessly, and the damage output is generally higher than you will ever see out of a gun. The added crowd control from Ice Storm can be a life saver, especially in Strongholds where things can get a little too much for you. If you want some tips for keeping mobile and moving a bit faster, have a look at our Advanced Storm Guide. Once you get up to or near level 30, check out the Storm Guide for a great breakdown of all the Masterwork gear that you will start to find from level 25 on.

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