"Burning Thunder"


Burning Thunder

If you are familiar with the meta fire storm build, this is simply a tweak to it that shifts emphasis in certain areas of combat. Thus if you haven’t read the fire storm guide I highly suggest you check it out as I won’t be going into how it works or its fundamental concepts here but rather highlighting differences between it and this build and at the end giving a rundown of how to play it to benefit from those changes.


Ralner’s Blaze
  • On both Storm builds I suggest using Ralner’s with as much weapon damage as possible as your primary. this isn’t a popular opinion since your guns are considered valuable stat sticks that are generally never used in the storm meta. My reasoning is that it’s worth losing some jav/ elemental dmg in exchange for access to the much higher ticks Ralner’s allows. (This is due to the fact that currently weapon damage on weapons that prime DoT tick elements increase said ticks).
    If you choose to use it this is nothing more than an upgrade to storms single target damage; something it sorely needs. The idea of this is to use it only when facing a tanky enemy, shooting just enough to prime fire, then spam Steam Vent. Usually your Binary Star would be used here and would be dealing 20-30k ticks in the background, whereas here we can easily be dealing 50k or more in the background which will add up to an extra 350,000dmg across the 13 ticks going on in the background of the steam vents (assuming 25,000 to 50,000 improvement). This should never be used against groups of course as binary is more than powerful enough for weak enemies and much faster. Here the best I have and what I’m using is one with 250% Weapon Damage and 75% Armor with 25% Gear Damage thrown in.
Jarra's Wrath
  • Jav dmg/Elemental dmg Stat stick Anything goes here, a stat stick to boost your fire ticks and Steam Vent via the inscriptions above. I happen to be using a jarras wrath with a total of 60% of said inscriptions.

Melee Weapon

Lightning Surge
  • Now we’re getting into the tool we’ll need to start the electric side of the build. This allows us to stack two sets of ticks simultaneously in group enemy situations. I say group because the effect of electricity causes each electrified enemy to become a conduit to others around it (including after they die for a few seconds interestingly) aka they take no damage from the status, but deal damage to others, and vice versa with each-other. thus if they are alone electricity is useless. but that’s where your ralner’s and steam vent come in.


Steam Vent  
  • The classic single target damage gear and the only focus seal worth running really. The two inscription layouts you are looking for are 200% charges and 175% gear dmg or 100% charges and 225% gear dmg. The latter will require more gear recharge to make the steam vent rapid fire (which is all but essential) and thus take room from the build, and inherently damage with it. I have the higher damage 100% charges version but I'm running 200% charges and 100 gear damage.
Binary Star
  • As we know and as the main fire storm guide explains, this is the vast majority of your damage and one of the best pieces in the game, dealing millions of damage across the field at once. Generally the more charges the better, but once you get up to 200% your covered for the most part so even though I have a 300% charges piece I use my 200% charges with an extra 25% jav damage, after all that is what it’s all about! It also has 25% repair drop rate.

Support Item

Anthem’s Grace
  • Again, as the main guide says, storm supports are both crap. Only used for their inscriptions and maybe the occasional support cancel. Mine has a total of 65% repair drop rate, (good for keeping symbiotic surge procced and staying healthy as I melee) and 20% gear recharge.


Tome of Precision  
  • This is the main switch believe it or not from the pure fire build. We swap it for mark of ruin (Btw ruin is a no brainer if you aren’t worried about electricity, its a free double roll) we lose 10 percent of the fire buff in exchange for it being more inclusive since it now effects both our fire and electric DoT ticks. It procs on kill instead of prime but it lasts long enough for it not to make much of a difference. Mine has 20% repair drop rate on it.
Token of Daring
  • This is one of the best pieces in the game. It cannot be understated that there is no true replacement for it. Its perk is both a decent double roll of the most valuable inscription to its class, and it is the only thing in the game that allow you to, pretty much… always have gear charges. Mine has 13% shield delay.
Vanguard’s Token
  • Here's that controversial third one I was talking about. This, when paired with softened blows makes you immune to all physical damage for 5 seconds on shield break, (check the pure fire storm guide for that math) you can imagine how tanky this can make you if you stack shield delay to the point that your shields come back before the invulnerability runs out. on top of that on this build our melee will be generating shields frequently anyway. Jury is still out on whether going without this (more damage and drastically less survivability) and playing a very evasive playstyle with extensive technical movement and positioning yields more dps or if the tankiness allows for more consistent casting resulting in more dps, my current opinion is as you can guess, the latter.
    Mine has 15% shield delay.
Universal Components  
  • Here we just want to stack as much jav/elemental dmg as possible while trying to include some gear recharge and maintaining critical universals; namely softened blows and (especially on this build) symbiotic surge.
Softened Blows  
  • This is one of the best universals for storm, providing a decent amount of survivability and not to mention that it’s half of the vanguards/softened set that makes the sweet physical invulnerability we talked about. Mine has 30% jav dmg and 18% gear dmg.
Symbiotic Surge  
  • This is good for pure fire storm, if not a bit inconsistent since that build isn’t always close to the ground. Here its much more consistently procced. Especially with some repair drop rate. When procced it drastically increases all ticks, steam vent damage, and ralners ticks.
    Mine has 30% jav dmg and 28% focus seal dmg.
Thermal Cooling
  • This can be any universal, mine has a total of 44% jav dmg.


The storm struggles in two combat situations, large health pool enemies (think legendary enforcers and turrets) and bosses. This build in my opinion drastically improves one of those deficiency’s, And in addition becomes absolutely broken in a certain situation that happens surprisingly often in the game. Let me explain. In high health pool situations the addition of ralners to this build allows you to walk away 300,000 dmg earlier, basically imagine a ranger doing an ice combo every time you pull out your ralners, this has been the difference for me of feeling like I'm where I don’t belong when a legendary enforcer shows up or looking around to realize its dead before anyone got there.

On bosses, this really doesn’t do much, storm is in competition for the highest dps class in the game yet is really out of options when it comes to bosses, the best thing you can do Is hot swap to a gravedigger with damage before the boss room, and even that still puts it behind any other class. The situation this build absolutely transcends in, is dense groups. Think heart of rage first room and fury room. tyrant mine platform room scar waves. Sunken cell rod room. In these environments, you shift your normal “make sure binary is on everything and steam vent anything that still lives…and then ralners it and steam vent it if you know it will live” play style; you stop the steam vents, you make sure binary is on the group. And then you get up close and personal. spam melee until all enemies are ticking for 20-30k fire, and 20-25k electric. This absolutely decimates tight groups maybe faster than anything else in the game. This aggressive and dynamic option is unique to this build and is a play style that hasn’t been available in the storm meta for quite a while.

Meta focused Storm and Colossus master. Optimizes until it’s annoying, then continues.