Ultimate Colossus


Ultimate Colossus

If seeing really big numbers is your thing, there is nothing that can compare to a Colossus geared for ultimate damage. This particular build is highlighted around pushing max ult damage, while still retaining survivability and not being completely worthless in a team setting. Components are selected for their ability to increase ult damage, while guns and gear are focused on using combos to generate ult charges, so you can launch those sweet sweet missiles that much sooner.


Sentinel’s Vengeance
  • Sentinel’s Vengeance is the easiest way to get your maximum combo damage, as it shoots acid grenades in bursts of 3, but only 2 need to hit your target in order for them to be primed. Colossus combos are an armor breaker damage type when they are detonated off of an acid prime. This means that the highest combo damage you can do to an armored enemy will be done with an acid prime.  It only comes with 9 grenades in a magazine, and like everything with Colossus, it takes a long time to reload. Extra magazine size is essential. I run Extended Special Arms Magazine as one of my universal components, because that takes the capacity up to 18.Damage on the weapon itself is not necessary, because you want to use it to prime enemies, but not necessarily kill them. Armor is a very good roll for this weapon. This is a level 75 weapon that has 325% weapon damage and 90% Armor from the luck conversion.

Sentinel’s Vengeance
  • Whatever gun you put in this spot is typically going to be a stat stick. I’m using another Sentinel’s Vengeance so that I’ll have another 18 rounds available with just a weapon switch, instead of taking the time to reload. Both guns in this case have armor. This version is a level 80 that has 75% Armor.

Melee Weapon

Meteor Smash
  • Meteor Smash is a fantastic AoE primer. Jump in the middle of a group, slam your melee, and watch everything within range get set on fire. It also seems to have a dome effect, as it is capable of knocking down flying enemies. But the fire prime is the best part. When you combine it with the Colossus combo blast, which detonates in AoE, you can clear whole mobs as they spawn in. For this particular build, you don’t want huge damage on your melee weapon,because if it does too high, smaller enemies will die before you can combo them. Since detonating combos is the main way you’re going to generate your ult with this build, you don’t want to kill things before you can combo them. On this one I have 175% weapon damage, 28% gear recharge and 70% armor. Try using the Fast Shield Bash technique for quick and easy melee combos.


Solvent Green
  • This is a pure stat stick ability.  The actual utility of the “snot rocket” as a direct source of damage is minimal.    It also fails the test as a reliable primer.  So why do we use it?   Because it has perhaps the most valuable MW perk in the entire game.   Just by having it equipped, your Colossus will do an additional 200% combo damage.    At a 955/960 gear score, that represents over 95k in additional damage on red bars before counting any debuffs. It’s the difference between enemies dying with one combo or two, or for the bigger enemies, 2 combos or 4. If you’re playing GM3, it’s a must for every build. This one has 27% dmg and 18% gear recharge.
Vassa’s Arc
  • This is your detonator. Vassa’s Arc is unique in that it’s the only ability that the Colossus can use with its shield deployed. It also has good range, and can be deployed while flying without interrupting your flight. When combined with the AoE prime from Meteor Smash, it will light up your screen with combo explosions.It’s a little random with targeting, and it activates on a time delay, so you’ll need to learn how to manage it. I like to fly towards a group, activate Vassa’s, then drop down with melee. By the time the enemies are primed, Vassa’s is going out to blow them up. While that is happening, I can shoot some acid grenades from Sentinel’s Vengeance, and by the time the acid prime hits, Vassa’s is ready to detonate that combo as well. I prefer charges on mine, since you have to turn it off to conserve charges, and if you run it down to zero, you have to wait for 5 charges to accumulate before you can use it again. But better Colossus players than myself have told me they prefer high damage, to help take down shields. Mine has 60% charges and 18% gear damage.

Support Item

Berserker’s Cry
  • This claims to force enemies to attack the Colossus, although it does not appear that is accurate. It does debuff enemies and make them take an additional 33% damage, which is its main utility. It also increases melee damage by 200% and reduces melee cooldown, allowing you to smash more often. This one has 35% Combo Blast Dmg, 100% charges and 35% Repair Drop Rate.


  • All of these components are selected because they increase Colossus ult damage, either via inscriptions, MW perks, or both.    Bloodlust by itself gives you an additional 30% melee damage base, plus another 75% melee damage after a melee kill. With how often you are smashing things, it adds some extra utility for bigger enemies. This one has 50% ult dmg and 38% ult damage.
Shock Treatment
  • This might be the best javelin component in the game. You get an 80% increase to all damage (additive from base, not multiplicative) just from taking damage, which as a Colossus is something that you’re doing pretty much all of the time. That 80% includes both ultimate damage and combo damage. There are no other components that will do the same at the same level. It is a javelin specific component, which means that the inscriptions are less important. Again, Resupply Drop Rate or Thruster Life are my preferred. This one has 35% Harvest and 20% Ammo Pickup Amnt. 
Symbiotic Surge
  • This is possibly the best offensive component in the game, thanks to it’s MW perk. It also gives you a large boost to your armor, which comes in handy. The MW perk that gives you 50% damage increase when you pick up a health pack applies to all damage (including ult and combo). Because it is a universal component, you would ideally want double ult dmg rolls for this build, although a single roll is fine,since the MW perk basically acts as an additional ult damage inscription. Otherwise, you will want Armor or Gear Recharge. This one has 50% ult damage and 80% shield max. 
Extended Special Arms Magazine
  • This component is being used because of the effect it has on Sentinel’s Vengeance. The 30% damage increase on grenade launchers is ok,but it also doubles magazine capacity, which is huge. When you’re shooting 3 grenades at a time at targets that are moving,the base magazine of 9 shots goes pretty quickly.    Plus, the reload time sucks. Having 18 means you have enough grenades to hit whatever you’re shooting at, so that they can die to a combo while you reload. This one has 50% ult damage and 28% [E] Recharge. The recharge is worthless, since I never actually shoot the snot rocket, but you can’t be mad about a max roll for ult damage on a component that actually has utility to this specific build.
Thermal Cooling
  • I have this here because I have a double ult dmg roll on it. It also happens to be my favorite QoL component in the game. Once you get used to having the extra flight time, you will really miss it when you go back to something else. This one has 40% ult dmg and 38% ult dmg. 
Emergency Power
  • I have this here because it adds more ult damage than any other component that I have. It starts with a 30% base ult damage increase. Then I have a double ult damage roll on it- 48% and 35%,for a total of 113% ult damage from this one component. The complete refill of your ult meter when your armor gets too low is a nice “oh shit” button to have, especially with how much ult damage this build puts out. If you’re in danger of dying,and you use an ult with this build, the room is likely to be cleared by the time you’re done.


The Perfect Build

This is one way to build a ultimate Colossus, but it is certainly not the only way. It’s also not going to be the most effective build for Colossus in general. A hybrid option that had higher combo blast damage in exchange for trading off some of the ult damage would be more effective at clearing things faster, but this isn’t that build.  This is for hitting stupid big numbers, and because Colossus ult can hit weak points, those numbers can get really big. This is also as close to perfect as I get this build. Every component serves a function, both in terms of inscriptions and base effect. Since you’re not using your shield in a defensive manner with Colossus, you don’t really need Softened Blows, since the perk will rarely if ever proc. And we’re not using a shotgun, so we don’t need Acid Slugs. Or any of the other gun related components. Perhaps Rejuvenating Ammo could replace Bloodlust or Thermal Cooling, if dying was a problem, but I have not found that to be the case with this build. You might, so keep it in mind if you try it out.

The Downsides

The toughest part about playing Colossus in general is that everything happens so slow. Compared to every other javelin, you’re going to be the tortoise. After all, tanks don’t win Formula One races. This build also doesn’t have a way to offset the fire prime from Meteor Smash, so if something doesn’t die to the fire and acid combos, then you have to wait for the acid effect to wear off, as the fire from Meteor Smash will usually remain longer. Until the reset, your best source of damage will usually be a shield bash, which leaves you vulnerable through a reasonably long animation. Some of this can be mitigated by learning all the advanced colossus mechanics in our guide here.

The Upsides and Build Options

But the upside is that you’ll be able to one shot enemies that no one else can. Legendary Enforcer walking around?  Hit him in the tank, and he’s down. 2 Legendary Enforcers hanging out with a Legendary Escari- well, that’s why you have 3 rockets.  Just try to get the Escari leg exposed first. And your damage is not confined to what you shoot- it spreads in an AoE. So you can clear large groups very fast. You also have enough combo damage to handle the majority of enemies that you’re going to encounter, and if you need more damage, then that’s what you’re been building your ult for.

Build Variations and Sigils
More Combo Damage

I typically run this build with an Epic Combo Sigil and an Epic and a Rare Ultimate Sigil. The extra 10% from an Uncommon Ultimate Sigil is not worth losing out on the 30% combo damage. Unless I’m chasing the highest number I can hit.  The 2 ult sigils are probably overkill for this build, but this whole build is overkill. Running a second combo could work, but I’m not chasing big combo numbers.  If I had less armor, I would consider running an armor sigil in place of the 2nd ult sigil.

Voltaic Dome or Venom Storm instead of Vassa’s Arc

Running Voltaic Dome instead of Vassa’s Arc solves the problem of not having a way to offset the fire effect from Meteor Smash, which keeps you from being able to prime with fire again until the fire effect wears off. This turns the build into a significantly shorter range build, as the only detonator you have at that point would be your shield bash    But you could set something on fire with Meteor Smash, detonate the combo, use Voltaic to quickly freeze it,at which point the fire from Meteor Smash immediately removes the freeze effect and primes with fire again. I just don’t like only having the shield bask as a detonator. YMMV. Checkout the Voltaic Dome Colossus build for more in-depth info on running Voltaic Dome. Swapping Vassa’s Arc for Venom Storm gives you a more long-range type of damage along with doing more non-combo damage, but the animation locks you in place. As a PC player there is currently no way to unlock yourself from the animation without using your support ability, which has it’s own animation, not saving you a whole lot of time. I prefer Vassa’s because it allows me to remain mobile and detonate while doing other things.

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