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Weakpoint Interceptor

This build focuses on bringing together an unlikely combination of Abilities and Weapons. The play style is very skill oriented, with both the abilities and weapons used requiring precision to maximize the build’s output. It really makes for a unique way to play Interceptor, that when pushed still has huge potential for damage, though maybe not quite to the level of the Melee/Ultimate Hybrid.


Death From Above
  • This is both used as a damage tool and to also proc a component to boost gear damage as well. The main draw here being the fact that it gets bonus damage while hovering, reducing the immediate need for damage inscriptions for it to start. The fact that it’s burst fire allows it to very quickly activate Giant Slayer.
  • Flashfire is an excellent match for this build. It gives you a fair bit of power to clear weak enemies with, as well as deal with shields from range easier. Between weak point shots that chain to nearby enemies and being consistent damage it’s overall just a great option.
  • A pair of honorable mentions here. Razorwing is actually surprisingly powerful as a secondary option for clearing out weaker enemies, since it tends to often hit weak points with every bounce if the initial hit was a weak point hit. It’s an honorable mention here because while it does handle groups well, its damage output is significantly lower for single target situations, which is the weapon it’d replace.

Wyvern Blitz

  • Honorable mention, due to the main weapon also being decent damage. This is more used as a single target/bossing tool. When used with good rolls as well as the Giant Slayer buff active, it has very high damage potential. It also benefits from Elusive Talisman giving you constant access to ammo.

Melee Weapon

Blades of Warding
  • While this build does make use of %DMG and %Weapon Damage to a lesser degree, it just will not have the numbers to get the same output out of Deathstalker Blades, you can sub in Unending Battle to your second weapon slot if you wish to mix in melee damage as well, but it may still struggle. I just use Blades of Warding for the reliable detonator as well as a defensive buff.


Serpent's Veil
  • With Serpent’s Veil being Interceptor’s most reliable Acid primer and a ranged one at that, this will be a solid choice to boost our damage. Ideally, you want at least one extra charge, and any of the following: a roll for Jav-wide Dmg, jav-wide Recharge, Jav-wide Weap Dmg, OR Ability slot 2 Dmg.
Sanadeen’s Respite
  • This is your main damage ability. Through stacking of Dmg and Weak Point Dmg rolls, you can hit numbers over 100,000 per shuriken. This number only increases against armored targets, being the Armor Breaker damage type. Ideally, you’d want 250% Dmg AND a high Gear Charge roll, or 400%+ damage. The first set of rolls allows for better sustained DPS through controlled usage, while the second set would be better for dumping all the charges and letting it recharge. 

Support Item

‍Slayer's Furor
  • Increases the amount of damage dealt to enemies by 33%, with this being a damage focused setup, it’s essentially mandatory.


Elusive Talisman
  • This essentially gives you an endless supply of ammo as well as a quicker reload and a slight weapon damage boost. When you dash 3 times, it gets activated, instantly refilling the magazine of both guns you have equipped. With the Interceptor's triple dash being quicker than any manual reloading, it also effectively reduces your reload time to roughly 1 second.
‍Giant Slayer
  • This is used primarily for the Jav-wide increase to weak point damage, scaling up both weapons and abilities and boosting our damage potential in a very meaningful way. It does make Death from above slightly stronger as well, but is not the primary reason for it to be used.
Way of Integration
  • With this build using multiple abilities with multiple charges, this is a free damage boost that has little RNG requirement to get. It can however eventually be replaced with another Universal Component of choice once you get a good Universal that isn’t one of the “Big Three” (the three components listed below this one) that has a mix of Dmg, Weakpoint and Recharge rolls.
Softened Blows
  • We don’t focus shields, so this becomes a defensive buff that triggers often. With Sanadeen’s Respite being core to the build however, this could be replaced if you wanted to focus more on shield uptime rather than buff uptime.
Emergency Power
  • As usual, a great defensive safety net for critical situations. With the Interceptor’s mobility, you can very easily jump in and get free damage out of your ultimate when this proc then repositions to your usual range.
Symbiotic Surge
  • Another damage boost that you can activate relatively often, as well as a solid increase to Armor making you a little more durable.


This build is unique in its play style tends to be more a high skill, high precision build. So there’s a lot of room for errors but just as much potential to display your individual skill as a player. But that alone is what makes this build fun for me. It’s less about just getting the damage out, but actively 

If you’re looking to push this build further, you want a mix of both Jav-wide Weak Point Damage and Jav-wide damage. Both stats are great for the build, while Jav-wide Damage is more flexible and reliable. However, since both the main weapon and main gear used do have a weak point value higher than the usual base value, you can get a bit more damage out of Weak Point Damage.

Anthem Veteran, almost exclusively plays Interceptor. Explorer, Min-maxer, Secret Hunter. Co-leader of the Grabbit Kingdom Guild on PC.

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