"Fire Storm"


Fire Storm

Fire Storm is one of the best builds in the game.  Nothing can clear a room as fast on a consistent basis, especially when enemies are spread out.  Trash mobs just incinerate in seconds, and larger enemies can be taken down as well.  The fire effect from Binary Star has a rating of 60, but it acts like 100.  Any enemy that is hit by Binary Star will be fire primed, unless it has an immunity to fire.  The whole point of the build is to get everything burning through Binary Star, and to get Binary’s fire DoT (damage over time) as high as you can without sacrificing survivability.  Since everything that affects the Binary DoT (jav damage and elemental damage) also affects Steam Vent, they work in harmony with each other.


Shard Storm
  • Weapons are not a big part of your arsenal when you are running Storm. Your gear provides almost all of your damage. So my weapons are pure stat sticks. This particular weapon has double jav damage rolls - 29% and 21%. I use Shard Storm as my primary because it can go through walls, enemies and other obstructions. It also has one of the higher base damages in the game, so in the few times I’m shooting it, it will do a fair amount of damage.
Avenging Herald
  • This is pretty much a pure stat stick. I use this because it has double jav damage rolls, 29% and 25%. This is only 1% off of the maximum possible jav damage for a gun. The gun itself does basically nothing, but you do get a 200% damage bonus for hovering, which you are going to be doing most of the time in a Storm anyway.

Melee Weapon

Lightning Surge
  • There’s not a whole lot of difference between the two melee weapons for a Storm. The MW perk for Lightning Surge is a little better in my opinion because you will regenerate shields every time you perform a melee hit. The advantage to this will become more pronounced when we get to discussing Vanguard’s Token. This item has 29%/25% jav damage, along with 23% gear damage. It will also spread an electric DoT to nearby enemies when you melee hit, so you can apply a double DoT basically for free. Electric DoT also has a higher base, but is less effective against armored enemies.


Steam Vent
  • One of the more powerful gear elements of any javelin.  Steam Vent is your main source of doing damage to high HP enemies.  It has a triple hit of ice/fire/ice/fire/ice/fire that will leave a fire effect on the enemy, and will occasionally even leave a fire prime. The ice component of the attack can also hit enemy weak points, increasing damage.  There is currently hidden damage on Steam Vent that causes it to do 4x the actual damage displayed, although that damage appears to be split 1/8 to the ice component and 7/8 to the fire component.  It has fantastic range and a reasonably short cooldown.  Charges are better than damage, but charges with damage is ideal.  This one has 100% charges / 200% gear damage.
Binary Star
  • This is going to be your main source of damage for the majority of enemies.  The two flames seek out enemies in the direction that you cast them, and apply 13 fire ticks to anything they hit.  Since you can easily get the ticks to go over 20k each, this will take out most elite level and below red bar enemies.  Charges are your friend in this build, followed by jav damage.  Gear damage only affects the initial hit, not the fire DoT, so it’s not particularly useful. The fire DoT also scales with your average gear score, so you want to stay at 955 or 960 to get the full effect.  This has 200% charges and 25% jav damage.  As you can see, it’s my only level 75 item.

Support Item

Anthem’s Grace
  • Storm support gear is crap. Both versions. Only useful because it can roll with gear recharge. I’m using this Anthem’s Grace because it has 25% global gear recharge and 25% [E] recharge, which covers Steam Vent.


Token of Daring
  • Possibly the best javelin specific component in the game, when you factor in its utility for the Storm javelin. Token of Daring increases your elemental damage by 35%, which covers both Steam Vent and Binary Star, as well as the fire DoT. It also has the added benefit of recharging all of your gear every time your shield breaks. Since you are going to be using your gear to do >95% of your damage with this build, getting all of your charges back on a shield break is great. Inscriptions are less important on this, because it’s a javelin specific component, but Shield Delay and Thruster Life are my two favorite. This one has 40% Thruster Life and 18% LMG Ammo.
Softened Blows
  • The first half of your Storm immunity. Increases your shields, while also giving you 75% damage resistance when your shield breaks. As a universal component, can roll with good inscriptions. Ideal rolls for this build are jav damage or elemental damage. Mine has 25% jav damage and 18% elemental damage.
Vanguard’s Token
  • The second half of Storm immunity. Increases damage resistance by 40% on shield break. Since this is additive, it combines with Softened Blows to give you 115% damage resistance for 5 seconds when your shield breaks. This makes you immune to physical damage, although for some reason you will still take elemental damage, albeit at a significantly reduced rate. Again, this is a javelin component, so Shield Delay and Thruster Life are the inscriptions that you want. This one has 18% Shield Refresh and 13% Shield Delay.
Emergency Power
  • Because of the immunity you get from the Softened Blows / Vanguard’s Token combination above, you don’t really need the “Oh Shit” button of Emergency Power, but it’s not bad to have it. The 30% increase to your ultimate damage basically means that your Storm ult goes from hitting like a wet paper towel to merely a damp paper towel. As a universal component, it can roll with jav damage and elemental damage, which is why I have it on. This one has 26% jav damage and 18% Elemental Damage.
Mark of Ruin
  • This is a component that you are going to have proc’d pretty much all the time. Every time your Binary Star or Steam Vent hits something, Mark of Ruin will be increasing fire damage by 50%. And it has an always on 5% increase in fire damage and fire effect. Nothing any other component can do will have a bigger effect on how high your fire DoT goes. It’s a jav component, so inscriptions aren’t that important. This one has 18% / 10% shield delay.
Symbiotic Surge
  • Gives you a big increase to your armor, which is nice, as despite the immunity offered by Softened Blows / Vanguard’s Token, you are still susceptible to being killed by a single shot. So extra armor is nice, especially when it comes with the 50% damage increase when you pick up a health pack. And Storm has a very large pickup radius, so you can have this perk activated as often as you want. Since shield breaks are actually a good thing (immunity is triggered and all of your gear is fully recharged when it happens), you’ll probably be below full armor a fair amount of the time, which means you’ll be able to pick up health packs and get the 50% damage increase, which affects the fire DoT along with everything else (including combo and ultimate damage).


This is my favorite javelin to play, and it’s the one my whole team used to top the leader boards during Cataclysm and Season of Skulls more weeks than not. People will look at Storm and see damage numbers around 20-30k or less and think that it doesn’t do a lot of damage,especially when compared to combos from Ranger or Colossus that can easily go over 500k. But most enemies don’t have that much HP, and Storm has better time to target acquisition than any other javelin thanks to the range on Binary Star and Steam Vent. So it’s perfect for clearing large groups that are spread out.

What it’s not perfect for is boss fights or Titans. Because the ultimate ability is so weak, you can’t do millions of points of damage immediately like you can with other javelins. And against things with a fire resistance, like an Ash Titan or the first phase of the Monitor, you’re going to be there for a long time unless you have high DPS teammates. But most of the game is focused around fighting enemies in situations where this Storm really shines.

The combination of Steam Vent and Binary Star is superior to any other gear combination. A good Steam Vent will strip all shields off from a flying enemy, and then Binary Star will set them on fire and knock them out of the air. And fire does 1.25x more damage to armor, which helps whittle down the Scar Enforcers and Dominion Brutes quicker. The main thing that is lacking from this build is a method to apply acid. I personally think these components are ideal for this build, but with Acid Slugs in place of Emergency Power and an equivalent shotgun in place of Shard Storm, you could get that. It would also be nice to shoehorn a Thermal Cooling in place of Emergency Power if you can get one with better rolls. Since the ultimate on Storm is so weak, it’s basically a DPS loss for this build, so the advantage of Emergency Power is less on Storm than any other class.

Master of stats and numbers of Anthem, JRS was a part of the squads that held the #1 leaderboard spot through the majority of the Cataclysms