"Glacial Crush" Combo


Voltaic Dome Colossus (Combo Class)

The Voltaic Dome build is the most up close and personal build for the Colossus. Relying heavily on combo coordination, and quick movement from enemy to enemy. This guide will serve to help a player set up their build in a way that is most efficient while also providing alternatives if wanted. This build benefits greatly from the mechanics outlined in our Advanced Colossus Mechanics guide.


Sentinel’s Vengeance
  • Possibly the strongest gun in the game for Colossus. This weapon provides quick AoE acid priming. Acid primes are your most useful and powerful prime. Unlike the Ranger class that needs both fire and acid to achieve their highest detonations, the Colossus simply needs to have an acid prime applied to reach their max damage potential. It is recommended that you have one with increased mag size because 9 shots typically isn’t enough to keep you from reloading mid-fight. The Prime is applied by two tics of either landing a grenade shot on the target or damaging an enemy with the blast radius. Would recommend leading with the grenade launcher and priming with a Voltaic Dome while you wait for the grenades to explode.
Ralner’s Blaze
  • This weapon is used to give you access to a fire prime. On Colossus there is still an increase of damage dealt by fire primes on gold bars similar to a single fire prime on Ranger. So having an enemy primed with fire and acid will lead to two massive detonations on a gold bar. This weapon is used mostly for single target damage. Paired with Voltaic Dome it can allow for quick juggling of primes. Would recommend having a Ralner’s with increased magazine size and armor on it.

Melee Weapon

  • Much like early Colossus gameplay this build relies heavily on well placed melees. The Earthshaker is possibly the best detonator in the game allowing for 360° detonation around the Colossus, and another three blasts of detonating quakes that give the Colossus a little bit extra reach in the direction it is facing. Earthshaker also has the ability to easily double and triple detonate. Would recommend having armor and damage on the melee to help finish any mobs who manage to survive a combo barrage. Note: (it is recommend that you learn to use the advanced Colossus technique Shield Cancel Melee to fully unlock the potential of this build)


Solvent Green
  • This is the piece of gear that brings Colossus damage into a whole new world. Solvent Green adds 200% damage to your combos. The downside is that it basically turns into a stat stick from then on. The slow rate of fire, low damage output and requirement to land three shots in order to prime makes actually using Solvent Green in battle nothing more than a last resort or something to screw around with for fun. Would recommend one with repair drop rate inscriptions.

Voltaic Dome
  • The piece of gear that this build is named after. This gear is potentially the fastest primer in the game, as it instantly primes an enemy as soon as any damage or effect is applied in a 360° bubble.(unless shielded). The best way to use Voltaic Dome is in short taps while well positioned to optimally prime the amount of enemies you want to be frozen. The Voltaic Dome also provides excellent shield destruction. Using Voltiac Dome optimally takes practice and is up to preference. One aspect that is nice about Voltaic Dome is that it can stop your javelin instantly out of flight over an enemy. Would recommend high damage and repair drop rate inscriptions

Support Gear

Beserker’s Cry
  • Increases melee damage by 200%, reduces melee cooldown so that you smash again sooner, and increases all damage taken on affected enemies by 33%. Would recommend one with multiple charges and combo blast inscriptions to optimize your build.


Shock Treatment
  • The strongest Colossus component of all. Every build you have should include this piece. It provides an 80% increase to all damage including ultimate and combos. Since the way it is triggered is by taking armor damage that is no issue for the Colossus who is constantly taking damage. Would recommend repair drop rate inscriptions.
Catalytic Overdrive
  • There is not much to say about this piece other than if you want an easy 50% increase to your combos. The 40% gear damage increase can be nice as well, but the combo damage increase is much more important.

Symbiotic Surge
  • This piece is why most of the recommended inscriptions are repair drop rate. The more you can have this up the more damage you will do. Symbiotic’s perk increases all damage by 50% including combos and ultimate. Having a high repair drop rate will almost always ensure that it is proc’d. Also being a universal the recommended inscription is combo blast damage followed by ultimate inscriptions.

  • Since most of your killing is melee having an extra 75% increased melee damage doesn’t hurt. Recommended Combo Blast Damage and Ultimate Damage.

Emergency Power
  • Increases your ultimate damage as well as allowing for more aggressive play with a free ultimate should your health get too low. Recommended inscriptions for this are combo Blast Damage and Ultimate inscriptions

Extended Special Arms Magazine
  • A final universal. This space is really up to the player and could easily be replaced with what the player needs. This component will double the size of the mag for Sentinel’s Vengeance which can be slow to reload. Recommended inscriptions for the build are combo blast and ultimate damage.


This build, like the other three main Colossus combo builds, has its strengths and weaknesses. The build's largest strength is eliminating awkward situations and halts in damage output. Learning fast Colossus movement is essential to keeping this build functional and destructive. The player must think ahead on what they want to do before they do it or face stepping on their own toes. If fumbling stop and slow down. Boss damage is not too big an issue but by no means does it shred like an ulti- ranger or interceptor would. If desired adding some ultimate inscriptions may be the trade you want to make to increase your boss damage. Armor recommendation is around 180-240% from inscriptions. A “good” combo range is 200k on average for simple red bars and not many buffs up to 600K on gold bars with all buffs up. High damage would range from 350K simple red bars no buff to 800K gold bars all buffs.

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