"Pyromaniac" Colossus


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"Pyromaniac" Colossus


Who says the storm is the master of fire? With this build you may start to think otherwise. Built much like a fire storm the pyromancer Colossus utilizes Jav-wide Damage inscriptions and DoT damage to leave all its enemies as a smoldering ash pile.


Ralner's Blaze
  • Duh! This gun will be for some higher damage ticks for larger, single targets. Optimally use high weapon damage inscriptions since this directly increases the tick damage for guns (physical damage won’t increase the burn)

Sentinel's Vengeance
  • Being the colossus’s best option to apply an acid prime, and the debuff that comes along with it SV will raise the numbers you see ticking around the field. This is a good place to sprinkle in some armor. Mag size is very good as well.

Melee Weapon

Meteor Smash
  • One of the go to fire applicators for this build. This piece allows for aggressive, quick burning. Weapon damage will increase the power of the initial melee, but it will  not increase the ticks afterwards like Ralner’s Blaze. So having lots of Jav-wide damage inscriptions on universal components will allow for increase DoT for Meteor.


Rubidium Furnace
  • The Flaming wall of FIREEEEEE!!! This baby will allow for some interesting decisions that if placed correctly will set the world ablaze. Optimally you want 200% charges with some Jav-wide Damage. The good thing about this piece is that it gives you a charge back if you hit a target. Throw a couple on the same target and you’ll struggle to see the damage numbers they’ll be ticking so fast.

Best Defense
  • Well, you gotta be practical. Though the flamethrower would hold true to the name better, its not very good with damage. Best Defense gives you an option to detonate and get some armor back. Charges is the best option.

Support Item

Beserker's Cry
  • The debuff from this support piece will also allow for some increased fire damage. Optimally you will want combo blast and some charges to give greater balance to the build


Vanguard Emblem
  • This increases your fire damage by 35%. Repair Drop Rate inscriptions.

Shock Treatment
  • The strongest c=Colossus component in the game. Since you will be taking armor damage 24/7 as a Colossus, this provides an easy 80^ damage to everything you're doing. Repair drop rate inscriptions.

  • To increase the damage from each melee. Optimally you want Jav-wide Damage inscriptions.

Symbiotic Surge
  • Picking up repair packs will allow for some increased fire damage as well. With this piece you will also want to make sure to build repair drop rate into your build where you can. Jav-wide damage inscriptions.

Extended Special Arms
  • This will give you increased ammo for your sentinels vengeance. Jav-wide Damage inscriptions

Emergency Power
  • Helps when you're are in a pinch and allows you to pack less armor. Jav-wide Damage inscriptions.

Playing the Build

Lets be honest this build is fun. Layering fire damage source after fire damage source really itches that pyromaniac urge we all have. The other thing is you will see some very high numbers compared to storm. Mostly due to the increase in debuffs available to colossus. You will burn spawn and groups faster than any storm. Boss damage is lacking though it is fun to stack Rubidium on them. Elemental Rage is a gun that can increase your fire ticks, but honestly keeping it up is just one more thing to distract you from applying more fire. Obviously its not going to hold up to any of the three kings of Colossus (Venom storm, Voltaic, vassas), but this build is a great vacation from meta combo play. Some people just like to watch the world burn.

Master Colossus pilot and top Xbox Leaderboard player, Soggy just wants to smash.