"Serpent's Combo" Ultimate


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Serpent’s Combo

The interceptor ultimate is widely considered the strongest ultimate in the game. Stretching over a longer period than the others and having effect from the shadows afterwards the interceptors ultimate can take out bosses and high targets without breaking a sweat. This build is for one thing and one thing only. Having ultimate ready to go as soon as humanly possible. With the use of Serpent’s Veil AND .... Blades of Warding?!?! You'll be able to establish an ultimate at rapid pace. Put on combo sigils!!!!!!


Ralner’s Blaze
  • A key component in helping The Blades of Warding not stink too bad is establishing a strong fire aura. Having a Ralner’s with high weapon damage will allow you to add easily 30k of continuous damage tics during melee portions of this build. It also provides a decent amount of combo damage compared to ice.
Light Machine Gun
  • Any LMG will do. This gun will be for back up cycling of combos if desired because it will be paired with focused freeze. This will allow for some switching up in your gameplay when you feel needed. It is also a great place to stack on some armor sigils

Melee Weapon

Blades of Warding
  • Ahh yes the combo thief of Anthem. To be honest these really are not going to hold a candle to Deathstalkers, but with proper priming and damage layering they can kill things at a decent pace while allowing for ult building when enemies are nicely grouped together. High damage is preferred, but if you want to put a little armor on go for it. That said these babies do bring with them 50% damage resistance so if you're tired of being squishy, get ready to feel tanky as an inty.


Serpent's Veil
  • I have found that Serpent's Veil is the better option compared to Absolute Zero for a few reasons. Vipers Bite is bad at applying acid to some enemies, and Serpent's Veil is easy to put acid on lots of things and keep bosses debuffed for longer. The more charges the better.
Vipers Bite
  • Well duh. Spray this on a group of enemies to get your ult quick or just whenever so you can build ult. Charges charges charges!!


Emergency Power
  • Ultimate inscriptions. Being an ultimate build this piece is mandatory
Softened Blows
  • Ultimate inscriptions.  This paired with the 50% damage resistance from Blades of Warding will allow huge survival.
Focused Freeze
  • Ultimate inscriptions. This will allow for freezing if desired with an LMG.
Symbiotic Surge
  • Ultimate inscriptions: This will raise your peak ultimate damage whenever you get a health pack. Having this piece makes repair drop rate on the build a greater priority.
  • Ultimate inscriptions. Bloodlust and Inty are best friends.
Component of your choice
  • Whatever you have with high ultimate inscriptions put it on.

(Note hybrid pieces with ult and melee are great to sprinkle in these components if you can)

Support gear

Slayers Furor
  • this piece brings your ultimate damage up as well. Great for boss killing. Charges is the preferred option.

How to play the build

There are a few things to consider. Use vipers bite as often as possible, and combo as often as possible. Little guys will die quickly with just one combo, but applying two primes as often as possible increases the speed that your ult goes up. So whenever possible double detonate. Make sure that fire aura is up as often as you can when killing bigger targets. If you have some hybrid universal components with melee and ultimate slapping, those on is a great way to make Blades of Warding less bad. Always run two combo sigils to make the most out of your combo damage. Remember to be courteous to rangers and colossus players who are dropping fat combo numbers, and the biggest thing: Use your ult when you have it, unless saving for a boss. You really can use your ult as soon as you get it! With this build it takes so little to get it back up again so don't waste time. This is an ult build! Not a melee or combo damage build. My saying for this build: Get your ult all the time while making blades of warding useful and not hot garbage. So bust out those 400% blades of warding you have no idea what to do with, and shred some enemies with that truck of an ult.

Master Colossus pilot and top Xbox Leaderboard player, Soggy just wants to smash.