Starter Colossus


Starter Combo Colossus

Colossus, the AoE combo king. This guide will serve as a great starting point for your Colossus as you enter the end game at level 30. We've selected some basic masterwork or legendary pieces that will allow you to be effective in Grandmaster 3 difficulty, without requiring any specific inscriptions. Set off ranged or melee combos with ease and terrifying frequency to clear entire rooms before your Ranger friend can finish off that turret over there.


Sentinel's Vengeance
  • An acid priming grenade launcher which will set you up for devastating melee combos (acid increases target damage taken).
Jarra's Wrath
  • This gun fires a short range cone of electric damage that will apply an electric prime when you need more than one combo. You can also substitute Ralner's Blaze here if you don't yet have Sentinel's or Jarra's, but I find Jarra's a little easier to use and the bonus damage from the acid effect on Sentinel's Vengeance is too good to pass up.

Melee Weapon

  • This melee weapon is a detonator, with deceptively long range with the cascading shock wave it sets off. You can easily set off combos from mid range with practice, AND Earthshaker will detonate up to 3 combos in a single melee thanks to its series of explosions. They work well in close quarters, especially when there are a lot of enemies around.


Solvent Green
  • The Masterwork perk on this gear piece gives you 200% extra combo damage, which is huge. Takes a combo from ~48k to ~145k on a red health bar. There is absolutely nothing else in this slot that comes even close to that power. Solvent is simply for the passive, don't bother actually firing it, it doesn't do much of anything. This is something you will likely never switch out, no matter how long you play. Once you get a level 80 legendary, that is.
Venom Storm
  • Venom Storm is one of the rare pieces of gear that is both a primer and detonator, and can combo off of a single use. It loses a lot of accuracy at long range, but it is absolutely devastating mid range due to its high damage per mortar and a pretty much guaranteed acid combo explosion. The main drawback is that you are locked in position for several seconds which makes you slower than other end game builds.

Support Item

Berserker's Cry
  • Yell at enemies in front of you to make them take 33% more damage from all sources, while also increasing your melee damage AND the melee damage of any other Javelins caught in the effect by 200% and speeding up the cooldown.


Catalytic Overdrive
  • Increases your combo damage
Shock Treatment
  • Increases all damage when you are taking damage, which is basically all of the time.
Demolition Tribute
  • Gives you 20% armor back for killing an enemy with melee, which also counts if combo kills them when detonated by melee. Since Colossus combo is AoE, you can get 100% armor back if there are enough enemies in your blast radius.
Symbiotic Surge
  • Increases your damage by 50% when you pick up a health pack, which should be almost all of the time.
Emergency Power
  • Is your "Oh shit" button, gives you full ultimate charge when you are at critical health. Use your ultimate when you are in trouble and need a heal.
Extended Special Arms Magazine
  • Will double the magazine size on your Sentinel's Vengeance, which has a painfully long reload time


These components are the ideal suggestions, but you should be fine if you don't have all 6. Without Demolition Tribute you may have trouble surviving, try stacking extra armor if you can (inscriptions on guns are the easiest way) and/or "repair drop rate" inscriptions. As a last resort, if you just can't survive, you can switch Solvent Green out for Best Defense, which will heal you every time it hits an enemy but will significantly lower your combo damage.

Save your ultimate for large targets which you cant take down with 2-3 combos, like Titans, Ursix, Escari or bosses. Make sure to use Berserker's Cry to yell at enemies often, as it increases damage for your squad as well as your own.

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