Starter Interceptor


Starter Melee Interceptor

Melee is king here. Slice and dice your enemies with incredible speed. Dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge around the battlefield leaving everything covered in acid and missing limbs. Stack as much Melee, weapon damage and all damage inscriptions as you can to boost your melee damage higher and higher


Close Encounter
  • The masterwork perk on this gun gives you a 125% melee damage increase when you dash, which as an Interceptor is basically all the time.
Unending Battle
  • Unending battle gives you a 270% increase to melee when you shoot an enemy at medium range (it double dips weapon and melee damage at 135% each). It says point blank range, but if you get too close it doesn't work.

Melee Weapon

Deathstalker Blades
  • These blades are a primer. Everything you hit with melee will be primed with acid, which increases all damage on the target. They also deal MUCH more damage than the other option, Blades of Warding.


Serpent's Veil
  • This acid grenade is basically a 200% increase to your melee damage as a passive buff when you use Deathstalker Blades. It's also a very reliable acid primer for when you can't get within melee range.
Spectre's Flash
  • Is useful because it detonates an aura combo, and the acid aura will debuff any target it touches, causing them to take an additional 25% damage. Interceptor combos are very weak compared to Ranger and Colossus though, so be aware of that when detonating primers. Try to leave bigger targets for bigger combos.

Support Item

Slayer's Furor
  • Increases damage taken by 33% to any enemy hit, and moves to other enemies nearby after the initial targets are defeated.


Softened Blows
  • Interceptors are pretty squishy, and will take a lot of damage while always in melee range. Softened Blows will help you survive, by reducing damage taken by 70% for 5 seconds after your shields break.
Emergency Power
  • Another survival piece, and particularly good for Interceptors. Emergency Power gives you full ult charge when your armor hits critical level (Though it does have a hidden cooldown). The interceptor ultimate lasts far longer than any other, so you are able to stay invulnerable for a lot longer than other Javelins
  • Boosts your melee damage by 30%, then another 75% after you perform a melee kill.
Vengeance Matrix
  • Increases the damage you do, except for combo and ultimate, by 50%. It will also make you take more damage, but it has a defensive proc, that combined with Softened Blows, can make you invulnerable to damage for a short period of time.
Way of the Bold
  • Will give you back 40% armor when you perform a melee kill, which again will be most of your kills.
Way of Resolve
  • Is like a mini Bloodlust- 10% increase in melee damage base, and 40% increase when you dash. Again, which should be all the time.


Interceptors have a lot of freedom in their builds. This is the ideal set up, if you have it all. None of the components are absolutely necessary, but if you are missing too many you may struggle to survive. Stack melee damage, weapon damage (javelin symbol not gear symbol) and all damage inscriptions in order to boost melee damage. Armor inscriptions will help, especially if you are missing some of the components, and ultimate damage can also help, if you cant get melee damage on that slot. Work on your speed, get comfortable with your triple dash, jumps and melee lock on to maximize your effectiveness.

Master of stats and numbers of Anthem, JRS was a part of the squads that held the #1 leaderboard spot through the majority of the Cataclysms

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