Starter Combo Ranger


Starter Combo Ranger

Combo is king here, but this time you're stuck in a more single target variety compared to Colossus. Detonate massive combos on a single enemy, with combos hitting for over a million with good gear. This guide will get you started, with combos most likely in the 300-500k range


Vassa's Surprise
  • A blistering 1200 RPM rate of fire, this gun will easily dish out acid primers thanks to synergy with Elemental Ops (component).
Ralner's Blaze
  • This gun will fire prime on a 5 hit streak, which can combine with Elemental Ops to prime acid at the same time.

Melee Weapon

  • A good melee detonator that also gives a stacking buff that will increase ALL damage you do for each enemy hit. One of the very few sources of true universal damage, affecting even ultimate and combo damage.


Arctic Tomb
  • This frost grenade is a great source of AoE crowd control, and the ice effect spreads when you detonate its prime.
Recurring Vengeance
  • A seeking missile detonator that shoots quick and gives you an extra charge every time you trigger a combo with it. As long as you don't miss a combo, you can keep using this indefinitely with even a single charge.

Support Item

Vanguard's Rampart
  • A decent shield bubble, but the main advantage is that it gives you 2 more grenades. With Arctic Tomb that means you can freeze almost an entire room.


Elemental Ops
  • Free acid prime on every 5 hit-streak. Very easy to get with Vassa's Surprise, and double primes with Ralner's Blaze

Victor's Resolve

  • This component will give you back armor for a 2 hit streak.
Badge of Devastation
  • 10 ult charges on a 10 hit-streak. Remember Vassa's Surprise and its 1200 RPM?
Softened Blows
  • 75% damage reduction for 5 seconds every time your shields break
Vanguard's Badge
  • Another 40% damage reduction on sheild break, and yes, it stacks with Softened Blows
Tip of the Spear
  • Will increase your combo damage by 60%, while also giving you back 40% armor when you trigger a combo. Which means it really hurts when you have another javelin steal your combo.


With three very easy to apply primers (Arctic Tomb, Ralner's Blaze and elemental ops) and infinite detonators with your melee and Recurring Vengeance, you should have no trouble taking down any target in the game. Keep in mind, fire and ice effects will overwrite each other, so if you've already detonated an ice primer you can burn them, detonate the fire, and immediately freeze and combo again. Use your ultimate to clear out groups of small enemies that you don't want to deal with one at a time, or when you are about to die.

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