Starter Storm


Starter Storm

My personal favorite is the floaty boi. Combo and ultimate are NOT the focus here for once. Freeze enemies and control the battle while supporting your squad with primers and dealing huge single target damage with Steam Vent


Note: The specific weapon you choose is not really important, though there are some that can be helpful (like Ralner's Blaze). Weapons can roll a ton of great inscriptions for storm, so go for those over specific guns. Things like [X% DMG], [X% Gear Recharge], [X% Gear Damage] or Steam Vent slot damage.

Shard Storm
  • Shard Storm fires a slow moving projectile that ignores all terrain and obsticles, damaging everything it passes through. Very nice if you need to take cover to recharge your shields as you can fire it through cover. It also does a fair amount of damage, and the time it takes to shoot gives you more time to let your gear recharge, which is the main form of damage a Storm does.
Lightning Rod
  • A very reliable detonator, and also does good damage to shields, since it is electric.

Melee Weapon

Lightning Surge
  • Gain 40% shields on every melee hit. Very helpful, especially when combined with the components we run on this build.


Steam Vent
  • Steam Vent is probably the most OP item in the game. It does massive damage (only about 1/4 of which is shown in the numbers displayed), and has a pretty quick cooldown.
Winter's Wrath
  • One of the best and easiest primers in the game. Easily freeze anything without a shield and keep control of the fight.

Support Item

  • Both Storm support items (Anthem's Grace and Howling Veil) are trash, so use whichever one has the most gear recharge that applies to Steam Vent.


Softened Blows
  • One of the absolute best components, used on almost every build (not Colossus). Gain 75% physical damage reduction for 5 seconds every time your shields break.
Vanguards Token
  • 40% damage reduction for 10 seconds when your shields break. Yes it stacks with Softened Blows, making you immune to all physical damage for 5 seconds.
Mark of Clarity
  • Helps reduce the elemental damage you take, and also gives you back armor when you clear an elemental status.
Gunslinger's Mark
  • Will increase your gear recharge speed, which is important until you get charges on your gear.
Tome of Precision
  • Increases your elemental damage anytime you kill something with elemental.
Token of Daring
  • Gives you full recharge of all of your gear every time your shield breaks, which is typically going to be a lot. Ironically, as you get more powerful and better, this happens less, but it's still one of the best components in the game. It also increases your elemental damage by 35%, which covers all of your gear.  


Your role in the group dynamic will be crowd control and single target damage. Keep as many enemies as you can frozen, and use Steam Vent to strip shields and take down any larger enemies. Leave the little stuff for the other freelancers, make sure you take out Valkyries/Elementalists quickly as these can be quite deadly for other Javelins.

Master of stats and numbers of Anthem, JRS was a part of the squads that held the #1 leaderboard spot through the majority of the Cataclysms