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Starter Weapon Interceptor

Your weapons are the main focus here. Interceptor has a lot of basic support for weapons, and this is a good build if you don't enjoy the Interceptor's up close and personal melee play style, but enjoy other aspects of the javelin. You'll be going for high weapon damage rolls (350%+) on the guns you want to use, and grabbing durability and extra damage elsewhere. This build can still make good use of melee, just lower numbers compared to the other starter build.


  • With the amount of damage that's possible to get and less concerns with ammo provided by a component, this gun really gets to shine though. Decimating groups of weak enemies in just a shot or two, depending on your damage.
Ralner's Blaze
  • Ralner's Blaze is far and away one of the strongest weapons for single target damage in the game. While it's actual damage per shot is low, the inflicted fire DoT can reach very high values and makes up for the lower damage per shot.
Close Encounter
  • This weapon is going to get a special mention here, being the best option as a stat-stick to support either of the previously mentioned weapons. Since you’ll be dashing a lot anyways to make use of Elusive Talisman, it can fit into the general play style pretty cleanly. 

Melee Weapon

Deathstalker Blades
  • These are the go-to damage option for melee. In this build, since the focus isn’t on melee however, you can opt to make this a stat-stick weapon as well. Grab armor or extra damage, based on what you need if you do make it a stat-stick. Otherwise, go for local damage and it can still be a solid finisher if your main weapons leave it with 50% health or less. If


Serpent's Veil
  • With Serpent’s Veil being Interceptor’s most reliable Acid primer and a ranged one at that, this will be a solid choice to boost our weapon’s damage. You’d be looking to get charges or some recharge to be able to use it as you move from pack to pack.
Spectre's Flash
  • Specter’s Flash enables us to get our Acid Aura from a distance, as well as spread it once we get it. Be mindful if there’s a Colossus or a Ranger in your party to only be detonating both weaker enemies, and only as needed. The goal is to use it to maintain your aura and mostly as a second primer.

Support Item

‍Slayer's Furor
  • Increases damage taken by 33% to any enemy hit, and moves to other enemies nearby after the initial targets are defeated. 


Elusive Talisman
  • This essentially gives you an endless supply of ammo as well as a quicker reload. When you dash 3 times, it gets activated, instantly refilling the magazine of both guns you have equipped. With Interceptor’s triple dash being quicker than any manual reloading, it also effectively reduces your reload time to 1 second.
‍Softened Blows
  • Since we don't prioritize shields in this build, this becomes and easy to trigger defensive buff. In combination with Vengeance Matrix, it can prevent you from dying easily. Making your Health and shield gating more effective.
Emergency Power
  • Emergency Power is used here as an extra layer of defense. For when both Soften Blows and Vengeance Matrix get triggered and you can't get to cover quick enough. Since the Ultimate has a high duration, it will give you an easy way out to safety or to revive a downed ally. Due to the stats that get priority in the build, it will not be very strong at all, dealing only base damage.
Feedback Loop
  • Boosts the damage of Ralner’s Blaze, while also giving us another defensive buff if we empty the magazine. The buff should only be getting triggered during boss encounters, if it triggers at all due to Elusive Talisman refilling your magazine often.
Vengeance Matrix
  • Until you get some high rolls on Universal components, this can take it's place easily and comfortably. Since it provides 50% damage to just your weapons and abilties, it makes it valuable in this build. With the ranger this build plays at, you shouldn't feel the extra incoming damage nearly as much as a melee build would.
Symbiotic Surge
  • Another damage boost that you can activate relatively often, as well as a solid increase to Armor making you a little more durable.


This Interceptor build is quite flexible. While not the strongest or a meta build, the flexibility of using any available weapon type makes it versatile. If you opt to use other weapons, or you enjoy other weapons more, feel free to swap Feedback Loop out for a more suitable weapon component. 

If you’re looking to push this build further, you’re going to want to stack Weapon damage, both Local (gear icon) on the weapons, and Global (jav icon) on your gear and components. Alternatively, you can go for just pure Global Damage (%Dmg) rolls on gear and universals, which will boost both weapon damage as well give some power to your gear so they do a little extra damage over the course of a mission.

There are rare times where this build is actually a meta build, but with Melee, Ultimates and builds that are a hybrid of the two being the meta most times. The Broken Magazine Inversion (Last Shot Damage boost) really lets this build and Shardstorm have their time in the spotlight. Often being the strongest, if not a close second in terms of meta builds for those event weeks.

Anthem Veteran, almost exclusively plays Interceptor. Explorer, Min-maxer, Secret Hunter. Co-leader of the Grabbit Kingdom Guild on PC.

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