Advanced Colossus Mechanics

The Art of  Movement


The Colossus can feel like a flying garbage truck, but it doesn't have to be a lumbering oaf. Luckily, the Colossus also has a large number of animation cancels and combinations of movements that will greatly increase your speed. Once you master these tricks you will notice a huge improvement in your efficiency and ability to beat your team to kills around the battlefield.

Short Hop Melee

A demonstration of the advanced Colossus mechanic Short Hop Melee

A very useful technique that can significantly reduce the melee animation. To do it simply perform a single jump and immediately melee. When done right, this will result in a tiny hop and a very quick ground smash.

Using short hop melees at first may not seem extremely important, but combining them with other mechanics such as Shield Cancelling is when things get interesting.  Short Hop Melees are faster and squeezing out any ounce of increased movement for colossus is critical to advanced play.

Shield Canceling

A demonstration of the advanced Colossus mechanic Falling Shield Cancel

An advanced technique that allows you to exit the melee animation more quickly. This only works on aerial melees. There are lots of timings possible for this technique and muscle memory is key to executing properly. If you press shield twice you can end up standing with no shield as well.

This skill is a must for any colossus melee gameplay. Not only does it allow for faster melees, but also lets you move again much sooner. A shield cancel can be done so that the colossus’s fist never touches the ground, yet the melee still goes off.


A demonstration of the advanced Colossus mechanic Buffering

Buffering is a skill that again can speed up your colossus. Since colossus animations can be lengthy pressing and holding a button mid animation for either a weapon and gear can lead to a reduction of downtime by as much as half.

Notice in the GIF above: One normal melee and one melee using gunfire to buffer. On a normal melee, the Colossus has to use the first two steps to accelerate to run speed, where as with the buffer you are immediately in full run mode.

Speed for the colossus is the name of the game. Anything you can do to make your colossus get on with its life will pay out exponentially and increase the fluidity of the clunky beast. 

Venom Storm Support Canceling

A demonstration of the advanced Colossus mechanic animation canceling

By pressing support gear you can cancel the locking animation of venom storm and allow your javelin to freely move about whilst rockets erupt from your back. Simply press venom storm, and then immediately press your support.

This trick was nerfed for PC. For consoles if you have all your support charges on cool down pressing support will still unlock your javelin as well as allow sooner movement. For this reason a venom storm user on console is best to choose a support with no charges to make greater use of this skill. However for PC charges will be necessary because using your support mid venom storm will still reduce your locked time and allow some movement while rockets fire, but pressing support with no charges will rarely work.

This trick brings venom storm into a whole new world since its biggest downside is the locking nature of its animation. By eliminating as much of that lock as possible you can become a more mobile destructive force, you can even fly while raining down mortars on enemies.

Shield Strafing (Sunken Cell)

A demonstration of the advanced Colossus mechanic Unfathomed defense

When the Unfathomed starts to fire his AoE electric balls, pull out your shield and jump in any direction with timing so that the ball impacts you at the peak of your jump, causing you to fall away from the damaging field left behind.

As a colossus the unfathomable can be a beast of a fight without an evade mechanic. By using this technique and having some shield inscriptions you can avoid the majority of the damage that most colossus succumb to during the fight. It is also useful in battle to retreat if needed. (Note: this GIF was made on easy mode, don't expect your shield to take this little damage, it will hurt.)

Ultimate Canceling

A demonstration of the advanced Colossus mechanic ultimate cancel

Nothing tricky here, but a feature that many newer players may not have found yet. Press your ultimate again to exit ult early. Sometimes you only need one ult shot to get the job done, no need to finish out the whole thing.


Melee Barrage

A demonstration of the advanced Colossus mechanic Melee Barrage

A fast looping melee. This skill works best while under the influence of a berserker's cry. Perform a short hop melee into a shield cancel followed by another short hop melee looping infinitely. With enough practice you can dish out melee attacks at an incredible rate with this combination.

If your team is dishing out primers, standing your ground and launching one detonating melee per second is absolutely devastating (and EXTREMELY fun on the Skorpion platform in Tyrant Mine). Also useful as a last resort of damage to a large enemy such as a Titan or the Monitor.

Fast Shield Bash

A demonstration of the advanced Colossus mechanic Fast shield bash

To perform a fast shield bash, do a shield cancel melee first then melee again to slap the enemy with your shield. The shield cancel you perform needs to be with a single press of the shield button. This will allow the colossus to perform a shield bash as soon as possible after the melee. 

If using Meteor Smash as your melee weapon, this gives the colossus a melee primer and then an immediate melee detonation, as the shield bash is always a detonator no matter what melee weapon you use. This pairs very well with Venom Storm, for when you need to get up close and personal.

Charging Shield Bash

A demonstration of the advanced Colossus mechanic Charging Shield Bash

The player can make use of the shields ability to inflict damage by charging first into an enemy then following up with a crushing swing. 

This high amount of raw physical damage can decimate enemy shields or offer the player a quick chunk of damage as the appetizer for an enemy’s butt kicking.

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