Advanced Storm Mechanics

Storm Mechanics


This guide will teach you several advanced tips and tricks to keep your storm on the move and in the air where you want to be in order to dish out massive damage or heavy crowd control. Many of these techniques will take some significant practice in order to master and be able to pull off consistently, but once you do it's all just muscle memory.

Dodge Chaining

A demonstration of the advanced Storm mechanic Double Dash

Dodge Chaining is an advanced storm mechanic that when used properly can afford a storm player invulnerable time during a quick retreat or push into or out of a hot area. While hovering use your dodge and then immediately engage flight and dodge again. Since it would appear that the players hover dodge and flying doge have separate cool down timers the player can make use of both available dodges.. The movement itself can be tricky and will require some repetition to lock into muscle memory.

Though more valuable in storm melee play style the technique becomes less useful in the typical meta playstyle of distance maintenance and binary stars. However as stated when a storm needs to perform a quick escape knowing how to maximize invulnerability time may very well save you from going down.

Flight Dashing

A demonstration of the advanced Storm mechanic Flight Dash

No doubt if you have played any amount of anthem with random players you have seen storms using this relatively easy maneuver. First get into a flying state, then melee. Next dash forward to exit out of the melee. Re-engage flight and continue on. These can be chained together, but be sure to wait for your dodge to cool down or you may end up crashing into the ground as you fail to dodge forwards.

This trick is useful in speeding up your javelin. The trick helps in two ways. The first being that while dashing you are not generating thruster heat. Second, the space covered during a proper flying melee dash is faster than normal flight. The trick essentially speeds up the time it takes to get from point A to Point B. That could be from one group of enemies to the next or from contract mission to contract mission. 

Support Dodge Chain

A demonstration of the advanced Storm mechanic Ultimate dashing

A little known trick but one that in the right situations can help a player survive. The way to perform this is fairly simple. Enter a flying air dodge then press the Support button. This will cause a strange interruption of flight and allow for multiple chained air dodges in one go. It’s safe to not get too greedy with the number you perform since often you will trigger your Support chaining too many. Three is a good sweet spot. Obviously if you have no Support charges then have no worries. 

This trick is not something you will likely use often, or ever, but it could come in handy if you need an extended period of invulnerability, especially while flying through enemy fire.

Support Animation Cancelling

(Currently console only)
Like Colossus, the storm can make use of support canceling. By pairing Searing Blast or Binary Star with support canceling the player can quick launch a flurry of single living flames out into the field. First use up all your support charges, then throw out a melee. Once the melee has cast about half way interrupt the animation by hitting your support gear (which is on cooldown). Repeat. Note support canceling too early will lead to no living flame coming out. You will need to get a feel for the timing.

This trick can significantly speed up your casting rate for many gear or melee attacks, though some benefit a lot more than others. Any attack with a long animation after the attack is launched can be cut down with this, with Binary Star and Searing Blast probably being the best use cases.

Slide Casting

A demonstration of the advanced Storm mechanic Slide Casting

A hidden little trick that you may have done by accicent. A great way to stay more mobile while going through the fairly long animation of casting Binary Star. To perform this trick simply jump then press jump again to activate the double jump/hover effect and cast binary star at the same time while holding a direction of your choosing. This will cause your storm javelin to slide while casting a binary star.

The usefulness of this trick is to reduce the amount of time you spend stationary, and thus reduce the amount of time taking direct fire during a binary star cast.

Melee Escape

A demonstration of the advanced Storm mechanic Melee Dash

After completing a successful melee on an enemy make a quick retreat by dashing out of the assault. Be careful not to dash too early or the attack won't connect. This will be a major part of any successful melee storm gameplay, such as the Burning Thunder build.

Enemies like scar scouts and enforcers will quickly melee a player so by dashing out you reduce your risk of having a devastating shield break or insta death from a powerful shield smack or rifle butt.

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