Echoes of Reality

Cataclysm Guide

Before we get into the events themselves, let’s cover the essential knowledge you need to be successful in a Cataclysm. If you already know these, feel free to skip ahead in the guide.


Stability is a mechanic unique to Cataclysm (and some cataclysm related events). It’s intended to somewhat limit your paths initially, while making secrets harder to collect near the end.

At the Start of a Cataclysm, your Stability meter lasts 30 seconds before it’s emptied. Once Empty, you will begin to take roughly 10% of your Armor per second in damage, ignoring your shields. Each completed event will add 30 seconds to that timer, for a total of 4 minutes in a full 7 arena Cataclysm.

You regain stability by collecting point orbs (notes) that drop from enemies, or by sitting in a safe zone. The amount of stability recovered depends on the value of the note, restoring more based on the point value. In a safe zone, regardless of your total stability, you will fully recover it over five seconds.

Score Multipliers

You start the Cataclysm with a 1x score multiplier. Like your Stability, this also increases with each arena completed, going up to a maximum of 8x in a full seven arena Cataclysm.

This multiplier is also doubled while in an unstable area. Anytime you are not in a safe zone or have the safe area activated around the current arena, you’ll be getting double the points you normally would.

A lot of secrets will refer to their base score, which is before the multiplier. Simply take that value and apply your multiplier to get an idea of just how much score you get from a particular secret at any given time.

Best Scoring Practices

To get the most out of the Cataclysm, there’s a few things you should keep in mind during the run.

All Secrets should be done after all events are complete. Yes, even Time Runes.

  • This is because they all add significantly to the score, including time runes. Making them much more valuable the later you grab them.
  • You also leave Time Runes because completing each event adds 3 minutes to your remaining time for the cataclysm, making them double the value when you need those extra bits of time when there’s no more events and only secrets left.

Follow the group if you aren’t leading. There’s a few widely known and used strategies that are easy to follow along with just by following your group.

  • After the final event, it’s okay to break away and help collect secrets more quickly.

Speed is a huge factor, but so is clearing as many enemies as possible.

  • Most groups will have 1-2 players doing the event, while the others clear the enemies to increase score further.

It’s a team effort. Especially when it comes to collecting the secrets quickly.


Compared to other activities, Respawning can help a ton when it comes to Cataclysm. When you respawn, it usually sends you to the nearest safe zone, so you can often just respawn in favor of breaking the safety zones, preventing any loss of score.

There are a few exceptions, where respawning will send you to other places, which can be helpful, but those few spots are limited in use. They can contribute to a run that gets you a higher score, due to the slight increase of speed. The most common one is used to move from Casja’s Forge to Sea of Takaro

You can use it for general travel as well, but this requires both practice and an SSD to be viable or load times won’t be low enough to make up for any faster movement. In a lot of cases, it will be roughly equal or slightly faster than most movement tech options. When practiced, it does help Colossus the most, being the slowest javelin with no extra movement tech.


This map is your best friend. Every secret is shown, all teleporter paths are shown as lines. Click to expand

Event 1: Eye of Magnus (The Approach)

When you first arrive in the Cataclysm, the first event is direct. You're tasked with destroying the gate in the middle of the area. The pillars need to be activated within a certain time limit, which seems to be roughly 1-2 minutes. Once all are active, they stay active.


Here's the basic steps to complete this:

  1. Enter the area, activating the safety zone when necessary
  2. Activate each of the 7 pillars spread around the arena, by holding your interact key/button  on them.
  3. (Optional, but recommended) Kill all the Mobs for loot, has a guaranteed Fury Spawn Near end of spawns
  4. Smash the Crystal and collect your chest for the event, which should spawn East of the Crystal.

Ideally in an optimized run, you can get both the Fury Spawn and the speed bonus.

Legendary Valkyrie Spawn: Magnus

To spawn the Valkyrie in this event area, Destroy the Crystal in under a minute from the start of the event. Magnus, like the other hidden valkyries, is worth 2000 base score before multiplier. 

Tip: Unlike other Valkyries, Magnus does not appear to Despawn. This means he can be safely left at his event arena and you can come back later with a higher multiplier for more score!

Event 2: Britaheim (Hope Shattered)

This event is found on the eastern cliff. The goal is to use the Echoes to make the gate vulnerable and destroy it. This alongside the other Echo Puzzle are harder and more complicated in Public Runs. These generally require communication.


Upon arriving, you see 4 echoes, locked away in protective bubbles. You will need all 4 of these to progress. Here's the steps to get each, as they are all similar.


  1. Locate Echo
  2. Follow the wire along the ground to the shield-disabling button.
  3. Have a player stand on this button
  4. Have a second player collect the Echo.

Tip: Players on Storm or Interceptor have the mobility to quickly move from the button to the echo and collect them without help. It requires a short hop and a precise dash from Storm, or short hop and three dashes from an Interceptor.


Next, is a short Underwater section to collect the fifth and final Echo to complete. Using the Echoes you've already collected, follow these steps to complete this event.


  1. Place two outside of the underwater cave (below the glowing arrows), this disables the barrier that prevent echoes from leaving the room
  2. Place the remaining two echoes on the areas to the left and right of the protected Echo.
  3. Collect the final Echo
  4. Take this Echo and the other two outside of the cave Before removing the echoes outside that are preventing the barrier from being up.
  5. Once all three echoes are past the barrier, take deposit all 5 in the reservoirs in the main area, including the ones keeping the previous barrier up.
  6. (Optional) Clean up any spawned mobs, A Named Valkyrie, Brita can also spawn.
  7. Destroy the Gate
  8. Collect your Chest

Tip: You will carry echoes even after a respawn! So if you’re concerned about getting trapper under water with echoes, don’t be. You can safely respawn with all three echoes and bring them past the barrier. This trick is often used in score runs, as it tends to be much faster than swimming if the game is running from an SSD.

Legendary Valkyrie Spawn: Brita

To spawn this valkyrie, simply remove any echo once all 5 have been placed. This will not reactivate the protection on the Crystal, so you can take the echo out and help burn the valkyrie down without worry.

Like other Valkyries, Brita awards 2000 base score before multipliers.

Event 3: Casja's Forge (The Labyrinth)

A bit further north, and to the west near the small protection bubble is the next event. This is a simple puzzle, but without understanding or communication can take awhile.


This cave has 4 Fragments that must be collected and returned to silence a relic. Here are the steps to complete:

  1. Run to and Pick up the Fragments.
  2. Take them to the Relic avoiding the Barriers
  3. (Optional) Kill spawns
  4. Claim your Chest.


With a bit of Speed Tech if you want to call it that, if you are fast enough, you can make it around to the opposite side of the room, waiting for only one barrier swap. Might be exclusive to the Interceptor due to triple dash. May also be possible with the storm due to high jump, hover and their quick dash animation.

Legendary Valkyrie Spawn: Casja

To spawn the Valkyrie in this area, fragments need to have been stripped off of your javelin by the barrier four times. Dropping them may also work, but unconfirmed currently.

Like other Valkyries, Casja awards 2000 base score before multipliers.

Tip: Despite Casja being a forced spawn, you can have a player remain behind and get more score out of her by waiting for a higher multiplier before killing her. It’s recommended that you plan for this to be near the end of a run, as being down a person for the full run can be very detrimental.

Event 4: Castle Kelrik (New Dawn)

Another Puzzle with moving pieces. This time instead of echoes, you're moving around small relics. You start with 2 loose relics, and use them to access two additional relics. It's somewhat similar to Britaheim, but requires matching symbols, rather than placing anywhere.

This event is particularly good to have two people solve it, as moving one relic at a time is slow. Moving two give a better benefit to speed, while still being a controlled pace to allow everything to be killed for points.


Here are the steps to complete this event:

  1. Pick up the initial two relics.
  2. Locate the sealed Door.
  3. Look at the symbols above the door.
  4. Find the matching pedestals and place the relics to open the door.
  5. Grab the new relic.
  6. Repeat Steps 2-5 to get the fourth relic.
  7. Look at the base of the tower that holds the crystal.
  8. Find the matching symbols and place relics accordingly.
  9. Kill everything that spawns (optional)
  10. Smash the Crystal.

Legendary Valkyrie Spawn: Kelrik

To spawn this Valkyrie, you need to place relics on the pedestals that match the symbols on the Southeastern wall of the event area. If you’re in the Cataclysm, these may be hard to see until you get relatively close. 

Like other Valkyries, Kelrik awards 2000 base score before multipliers.

Tip: Since the spawning method doesn’t despawn or deactivate after leaving the area, you can safely leave the spawn and come back later with a higher multiplier for even more score.

Event 5: Diana's Landing (Dominion Foothold)

This is purely a kill event. Nothing complicated about it. The Boss will spawn after a certain number of enemies have been killed, you can tell how close you are to the spawn by what is spawning currently. The Fury will Typically spawn after the wave of Brutes and Valkyries.


Here are the Steps to Complete:

  1. Kill Everything to spawn named Fury.
  2. Kill the name Fury and pick up the key.
  3. Activate the two consoles to remove the barrier from the Crystal.
  4. Smash the Crystal

Legendary Valkyrie Spawn: Diana

To spawn this Valkyrie, activate the panel in the small catwalk room to the Northeast of the event, once the Gatekeeper has been defeated. Like other Valkyries, Diana awards 2000 base score before multipliers.

Tip: This trigger does not deactivate, so you can return later at full multiplier for even more score from this Valkyrie.

Event 6: Crucible of Astrid (Trials of Might)

Another Echo puzzle, A bit more straightforward than Britaheim though. Still uses only 5 Echoes. Requires at least two players to complete. It’s a rather basic airlock puzzle.


Here are the steps to complete:

  1. Collect the Echo they give you from the reservoir near the airlock.
  2. Place this Echo in the device facing the cliff with the vaporizing barrier to lower the barrier.
  3. Have two players go up and collect the 4 Echoes on the cliff, split 3 and 1.
  4. Once all 4 are collected and past the barrier leave the echo in the device for the cliff for the time being
  5. Around the area are three weights, the players solving the puzzle should each grab one of these. The one with Three echoes should grab one first, then the other player should grab  before they head into the airlock.
  6. The player holding three echoes moves into the first segment of the tunnel, but not past to avoid hitting a vaporizing barrier.
  7. The second player should place their echo into the reservoir to deactivate the barrier.
  8. The Second player should remove this echo once the first player is at the back of the airlock to reopen the first section of the airlock and enter it with a weight and an echo, taking care to not touch the vaporizing barrier.
  9. The First player can return to the main area via respawn or the one way teleporter at the back of the airlock.
  10. Once respawned, they can grab the echo from the Laser device and place it in the reservoir to let the second player through the airlock.
  11. All four Echoes are placed into the reservoirs in the back of the cave.
  12. The player outside the airlock can now safely remove the echo, and fly through to the back of the cave, utilizing the vaporizing barrier to reset the echo, and thus the airlock state to quickly pass through to the back
  13. Stand on the four switches (should be two weights and two javelins, or three weights and 1 javelin) to activate the panel in the main area.
  14. Active the panel to lower the barrier to Destroy the crystal and complete the event.

Legendary Valkyrie Spawn: Astrid

To spawn this Valkyrie, activate the second panel  to the Southwest of the crystal after clearing the airlock puzzle. Like other Valkyries, Astrid awards 2000 base score before multipliers.

Tip: This spawn mechanism does not deactivate upon leaving the area, so you can safely leave and come back later for even more score!

Event 7: Sea of Takaro (Dark Passage)

This puzzle has a few moving pieces, though only the echoes are really necessary in a full, coordinated four player squad. There is however another set of moving pieces that will allow for it to be completed solo! That said, here are the steps to complete:


  1. There are three active buttons to use. You will need a player on each to complete the event. They are located at the rear of the area and the left and right sides, just outside of the reset barriers.
  2. Each button controls a barrier, all 3 deactivate the barrier needed to complete the event.
  3. With use of the buttons, collect all 3 echoes in the room.
  4. When all three are activated, you can take the echoes up the waterfall in the middle of the room to the relic to silence it and open the Crystal.
  5. (optional) Kill everything.
  6. Destroy the Crystal and complete the event.

In a 3 player squad or less, you will have to make use of the weight objects provided in the event area. These are able to keep a button pressed indefinitely and are found in the following locations:


  1. Inside the small structure on the Southeastern section of the walkway that surrounds the event area.
  2. One in each of the rooms along the wall closest to the center of the room.

To complete the event solo (or with a squad of any size less than 4) follow these Steps:


  1. Collect the weight in the area that is not blocked by barriers and place it on any switch.
  1. The middle one opens access to both echoes and weights.
  2. Either side option will only open a single path.
  1. Repeat with each weight until all buttons are pressed, or there are enough that your squad can have all three pressed.
  2. Collect the Echoes from the devices.
  3. Deliver them to the Relic at the top of the waterfall.
  4. (optional) Kill everything.
  5. Destroy the Crystal.


Legendary Valkyrie Spawn: Takaro

To spawn this Valkyrie, redeliver all three echoes up the waterfall. Like other Valkyries, Takaro awards 2000 base score before multipliers.

Tip: This spawn mechanism does not despawn if you leave the area. You can safely leave and come back later with a higher Multiplier!

Post Event Secrets

Now that you have gotten all the multipliers from the events, it's time to gather up every single point you can from the secrets and puzzles scattered around the map.

If you left any of the Valkyries alive, now is the time to go back and kill them.

Note: being outside of the safety bubbles will double your multiplier. Every arena will now have their bubble active permanently because the event is complete, but if you are able to finish off a Valkyrie while your javelin is outside of the bubble you will get double the points.

There are 6 main regions of the map which your squad should split up and cover

The Approach
New Dawn
Dominion Foothold
Trials of Might
The Labyrinth
Dark Passage

The Labyrinth, Dark Passage and Trials of Might sections are quick and easy, they are usually done by whoever needs to pass through them on their way either to their assignment, or to Vara once they are done. Make sure you sort out the assignments before you start the run to make things easy. Once you get a good handle on the Cataclysm, 3 people can split up the map while the fourth heads to Vara and gets started on her.

The Approach

This area has a good amount of secrets around, and a good variety of them at that. This zone encompasses the area around the Eye of Magnus and Britaheim events, and up north to Vara.

Shaper Sphere


The Shaper Sphere here spawns along the beach, Northeast of the event. It requires the collection of three echoes to be completed. The spawn locations are marked on the map as yellow dots.

There’s one fixed echo which will always spawn above the West entrance to Britheim. The other two will appear in several locations:

  1. Directly North of the Sphere, next to the small tree perched on a rock.
  2. Directly West of the Sphere, in the water adjacent to the Sphere.
  3. On a Ledge to the West, near the Wyverns.
  4. Southwest of the Sphere, in the air above the metal construct between the Sphere and Britaheim.
  5. In the water to the South, near where the Beach Relic is.

Bringing all three Echoes to the reservoirs around the Shaper Sphere will activate the Shaper Sphere granting 1000 base score and release 4 points orbs with a total of another 2000 base score for a total of 3000 base score before multipliers.

Beach Relic

The Approach beach relic

A bit to the Southeast of the Shaper Sphere is a lonely pedestal in the sand. The relic you need to bring here is found North of the Shaper Sphere, along the edge of the beach. 

Bring it to the pedestal to reveal and activate a point cache, worth roughly 1100 base score before multipliers. 

Relic Circle

Anthem Cataclysm relic circle location, the Approach

To the Northeast of the event near the metal Construct leading up to Britaheim, there’s a circle of relics that is incomplete. You need to bring the missing relic here and complete the circle.

This relic can be found between some palm trees and the large metal construct that leads up to Britaheim.

This awards 1750 base score before multipliers, between depositing the relic and collecting the cache of points.

Pressure Plate Shrine

There’s a single Pressure Plate Shrine here, to the North of the Magnus event and slightly West near the underwater cave. Both the Shrine and its respective Pressure Plate are right next to each other. This awards 500 base score before multipliers.

Crystal Bombs

This section of the map has three Crystal and Bomb pairings. 

The first bomb can be found south of the Magnus event, on the other side of the metal construct near the event. The crystal this needs to be taken to can be found to the West, where the Metal construct meets the stone.

The Second bomb can be found to the Northwest of the event, near the rocky cliff next to the tunnel here. The crystal this needs to be taken to is to the north, tucked in a corner near the Pressure Plate Shrine. 

The third bomb can be found on a high ledge to the Southwest of the Britaheim event, just outside of the event area. The Crystal is directly below the bomb, inside the lava cave below Britaheim.

Each of these awards 500 base score upon collecting the point orbs after breaking the crystal.

Tip: Using an ability or weapon can detonate the bomb early, letting you claim your points sooner!

Time Runes

Finally, this area has two time runes. 

Anthem Cataclysm Time Rune location, the Approach

The first can be found to the East of the event, on a small metal construct outside of Britaheim. It’s on the side that faces Britaheim.

Anthem Cataclysm Time Rune location, the Approach

The Second can be found to the North, on a rock between Casja’s Forge and the path that Leads to Vara’s arena, facing towards Casja’s Forge.

Laser Crystal

Anthem Cataclysm Crystal laser puzzle, near Vara

Along the passage from The Approach to Vara, there is one more Crystal that needs to be blown up. This one does not use a bomb like the rest, it has a laser beam that needs to be aimed and fired to crack the crystal.

Stand on the right pressure pad to activate the panel to target the laser. It needs to be moved twice to be in the correct position. The Left pad will activate the laser. Stand on this one until the Crystal breaks, which takes a couple seconds.

This can be done by anyone, not only the person assigned to The Approach. Just make sure you communicate who is getting it.


Notes are the small coloured balls of light that are scattered all around the map. You will find several notes in the waters of The Approach. Out in the open water area to the south between where you spawn in and Magnus, and also through the water that runs north towards Vara. There is a hidden underwater cave with more Notes next to the Statue north of Magnus, there are two rooms inside this cave.


This area has five different teleporters to make use of.

The first is just to the Southwest of the Magnus event area, between the rocks and the cliff. This teleporter links to the one near the Shaper Sphere in the New Dawn area, along the shores of Castle Kelrik.

The second can be found in the water to the West of Britaheim. This teleporter links to the one directly South of Vara, which is useful for anyone that ends up clearing the secrets from this section of the map.

The third can be found North of the Shaper Sphere, hidden behind the metal construct on the cliff to the East. This teleporter links to the one in the middle of the tunnel between Vara and the Crucible of Astrid. Conveniently in the same room as as a Time Rune.

The last two are linked together, just outside of Casja’s Forge and the one below Britaheim.

New Dawn

Due to the size of this section of the map, it has a lot of secrets to cover including the highest scoring secret, the Grabbit Den.

The Grabbit Den

This is easily one of the longest and more complex secrets to be found in the game, period. There’s a sequence of steps that need to be performed, but you walk away from completing it with a massive total of 8,345 base score, between the grabbits, Notes and Pressure Plate statue found in this area.

Anthem Cataclysm Grabbit door generator

  1. Head to the very Western section of the Water here in the New Dawn area, and dive in the deep section next to the large crystal on the rocks here.
  2. In the water, there’s a power generator. Activate it, but remember this area, you’ll be coming back.
  3. Activating the generator enables three Pressure Plates located near three large statues holding Shaper Crystals. Activate all three. Two are on the top level of the castle, one to the left most side and one at the end of the bridge inside the small archway. One of them, located between the two exits on the lowest level of the castle, is covered by a breakable Crystal. Take your choice of Bomb and detonate it, I generally grab the one near the Time Rune that’s across the bridge from the center statue.
  4. Once all Three are activated, head back to the water, and dive deeper this time, and you’ll see a door with a teleporter just beyond it. With the Pressure plates activated, this door will be open.
  5. Grab the Notes by the Teleporter if you need stability and teleport into the Grabbit Den.
  6. In this room are nine Grabbits, they need to be slain quickly before they can run away to spawn the final reward. Each awards 5 base score, plus an Orange Note for another 500 base score.
  7. If all of them are killed quick enough, a cache will spawn at the back of the room and spawn another 6 Orange notes.

Make sure you go in with strong area of effect abilities or weapons, if a single grabbit escapes you lose a LOT of points. A Storm with Binary Star is the easiest, but Jarra's Wrath works quite well on any Javelin

When Active, completion of this secret granted the “Or You Die” achievement, granting the Grabbit Ears helmet cosmetics. Currently however, this is not active but may become active again in the future

Pressure Plate Statue

This area only has a single pressure plate statue, found inside the grabbit den. 

The statue is found in the middle of the room, with the button on top of the pillar directly in front of it. Be sure to grab this before leaving the Grabbit Den; while you can come back, it’s still a time consuming endeavor due to the location.

Shaper Sphere

New Dawn is home to the second of three Shaper Spheres. It’s found Southeast of the Kelrik event, in the shallow water. This Shaper Sphere, like the others, has one static Echo and a handful of random locations.

The statically placed Echo can be found to the Northeast of the Sphere, on the beach along the cliff.

The other echoes can spawn in the following locations:

  1. On top of the Structure to the West.
  2. Inside the cave of the structure to the West, lower and slightly more West than the previous Echo location.
  3. On top of the Cliff to the West, near the Trees.
  4. Inside the Cave to the northwest, below and slightly North of the previous location.
  5. On top of the Cliff to the Northwest, slightly above the gap in the metal construct here.
  6. In the Ruin to the Northeast, directly below the Castle.

Once the Echoes are obtained, you can obtain the same 3000 Base score reward of any Shaper Sphere.

Time Rune

Anthem Cataclysm Time Rune location, New Dawn

This area is home to a single Time Rune. This one can be found just under and slightly North of the Western Exit of the Castle Kelrik event. It will be along the back wall, on a door texture in this area.

Crystal Bombs

This area has 4 Crystal and Bomb pairings, though the one for the Grabbit Den does not award scores

The Bomb for this one in particular is found near the Time Rune in a higher level of the Castle, directly below the Western exit of the Kelrik Event. The Crystal is found to the Southeast, on a much lower level of the castle. This one will not award any score, but will enable access to the Grabbit Den.

The Second Crystal and Bomb can both be found to the West, near the Large Crystal on the Rocks. Both are in plain sight on this rather flat area of rock, just outside of the water that leads to the Grabbit Den.The Third pair are both found in the shallow water to the Southwest of the event. The Crystal will be plainly visible when in the area. The Bomb that pairs with it is tucked away in a nearby metal construct.

Anthem Cataclysm Bomb location, New Dawn

The Third pair are both found in the shallow water to the Southwest of the event. The Crystal will be plainly visible when in the area. The Bomb that pairs with it is tucked away in a nearby metal construct.

Anthem Cataclysm Crystal rock location, New Dawn

The final pairing can be found on the Cliff directly below the Castle to the East of Castle Kelrik’s Southern Exit and north of the shaper sphere, way at the top of the wall to the right of the metal spine.  The Bomb will be found on a small ledge of the castle that sticks out, and the Crystal will be almost directly below it. You’ll likely spot the Crystal first.



Here you will find notes along the path that follows the base of the cliff that the Castle is built into, plus 3 in the water where the grabbit door is, and two more inside the grabbit cave.


Outside of the Grabbit Den, there’s a single teleporter for this area. This can be found in the top of the structure to the West of the Shaper Sphere. This teleporter links to the one West of the Ring of Magnus event.

Dominion Foothold

Despite the size of the area, this area is very light on secrets, as opposed to New Dawn which is very packed with them. It does have two of the more collection heavy secrets though.

Dominion Vault

A relic and the Vault door in the distance

This is another semi-unique secret to be found here. North of the Diana’s Landing event is a Sealed Door in the wall. Next to it are three pedestals. There’s three relics nearby that need to be brought to these pedestals to open the Door to the Vault. 

Note: You cannot swim or fly while carrying a relic, use caution when delivering these!

The first of these relics can be found to the Northwest of the door, under the waterfalls. Grab it and carefully make your way along the edges and over to the door to deliver it.

The second relic can be found directly West, on the top of the nearby cliff. It’s partially obscured by some plants that it almost blends into, but the prompt should be much harder to miss when you’re near enough.

The final relic can be found near a pile of stone, on the other side of the cliff. It’ll be on the ground, in the middle of the area to the Northwest of the Diana’s Landing event. It very heavily blends into the rocks here, so it can be very easy to miss!

Once all three relics are placed, the door will open and the Dominion Vault will activate, releasing a fountain of points worth roughly 1250 base score.

When active, completion of this event completed the “Door Knocker” Achievement, which provided a cosmetic Wrap. It’s unknown if the challenge or cosmetic will be available again, possibly near the Early August anniversary of the event.

Shaper Sphere

The Shaper Sphere here is located on the shore to the West of Diana’s Landing, with the static Echo also being on the same beach, just slightly to the South near the Dominion Tent.

As for the other echoes, they can be found in the following areas:

  1. Northeast of the Sphere, on top of the cliff that overlooks the Dominion Vault.
  2. North of the Sphere, slightly more West , but still along the same cliff.
  3. Northwest of the Sphere, tucked in a corner along the bottom of the cliff.
  4. West of the Sphere, in a gap in the Metal construct found in this direction.
  5. West of the Sphere, tucked in a corner slightly Southwest of the previous location
  6. Southwest of the Sphere, hidden on the back side of a rocky outcropping rising out of the water. Should be the one nearest to the Sphere.

Crystal Bomb

Anthem Cataclysm Bomb location, Dominion Foothold

Just a single pairing here. The Crystal is tucked behind the short metal construct to the South West of the Shaper Sphere, near the edge of the map. The Bomb for it can be found to the South East, on the opposite side of the rocky outcropping in that direction.

Time Runes

One Time Rune here, inside of a metal box on the beach beside the Shaper Sphere


There are several notes around the Shaper Sphere area here, along the edges where all the Echoes can spawn, along the north wall where the vault relics are and one inside a metal box on the beach, beside the Time Rune


The only teleporter here can be found West of the event area itself. This teleporter links to the one just North of Castle Kelrik.

Trials of Might

There are only a few quick secrets to cover here.

Time Rune

There’s a single Time Rune in this area, found in the back of the cave south of the Pressure Plate Statue, with one of the Teleporters. 

Pressure Plate Statue

This statue can be seen near the middle of the tunnel between this event and Vara’s arena. It’s respective pressure plate can be found on the stone pillar in the middle of the tunnel, directly in front of the statue.

Crystal Bomb

There’s a single pairing here, both parts are located in the cave between the Crucible of Astrid and Vara’s Arena. 

The Bomb can be found at the Eastern end of the tunnel near the Crucible of Astrid, just to the south of the metal constructs lining the cave before entering the arena. The Crystal can be found at the Western end of the tunnel, at the bottom of the short cliff here.


There are only two notes here. One is up above the doorway into Astrid's arena, beside the safety bubble, and the other is in the cave with the Time Rune and Teleporter.


There are three teleporters in this area.

The first is to the north of the Pressure Plate Statue. This one links to the one in the tunnel between the Sea of Takaro and Vara’s Arena. Essentially taking you from the tunnel to the East of Vara, to the tunnel West of Vara.

The Second is to the South of the Pressure Plate Statue, in the cave with the Time Rune. This teleporter links to the one to the Northeast of the Ring of Magnus, near the Metal Construct.

The Third is just to the South of Vara’s Arena. This Teleporter links to the underwater teleporter that is West of Britaheim. Oftentimes this end is never used, and is often used only in the opposite direction.

The Labyrinth

Due to the smaller space, the secrets in this area are limited.

Pressure Plate Statues

There are two statues in this small area, both with pressure plates very nearby, but slightly out of the way.

The first is between the event area and the eastern entrance from The Approach. The Statue will be seen clearly when flying in; the pressure plate however is tucked in along the wall, slightly obscured by ruins and spider webs.

The second is on the opposite side of the event, just before the forked path that leads to either Diana’s Landing or Castle Kelrik. Again the Statue will be clearly seen from flying. This time the pressure plate is tucked in a narrow path directly to the South of the statue. Taking the path up from the statue towards Casja’s Forge, rather than the lower path will let you spot it easily.

Time Rune

Anthem Cataclysm Time rune location, Labyrinth

There’s a singular Time tune here, found just outside of the Northern entrance to Castle Kelrik. It can be found in a small Dominion hut during the vertical section of this path. Since this area is a little darker than other areas, it should stand out as you pass by it.


the only Notes here will be in the room with the Time Rune. Some down at the bottom, one way up at the top inside a small structure.


This area has three teleporters. 

The first can be found just outside the Northern exit of the Casja’s Forge event area. This teleporter links to the water cave in the NorthWest of The Approach, but in The Labyrinth side of it, which is the second teleporter for this area.

The third one is in a small caver before entering the Castle Kelrik event area, behind a broken wall just North of the event itself. This teleporter links to the one outside of Diana’s Landing.

Dark Passage

The Sea of Takaro doesn’t have much in terms of secrets.

Crystal Bombs

There’s two pairings in this rather small section of the map.

Anthem Cataclysm Bomb location, Sea of Takaro
The crystal can be found above the Javelins head in this image

The first Bomb can be found on a broken bridge to the West of the event. The respective Crystal can be found along the wall to the South, and can be seen from the bomb’s location.

The Second Bomb can be found to the East, behind the teleporter along the South side of the tunnel that leads towards Vara. The respective Crystal can be found further East into the tunnel.

Pressure Plate Statue

Anthem Cataclysm Statue pressure plate location, Sea of Takaro

Just a single one. The statue can be found directly east of the Sea of Takaro Event, along the Northern wall. The Pressure Plate for it can be found further East along the same wall, inside some nearby ruins and tucked behind some boxes.


Several notes can be found in the two sections of water that surround the Takaro event, as well as the river leading into the cave from Dominion Foothold.


Just a single teleporter here, this one can be found to the Southeast of the event, in an alcove in the tunnel heading toward Vara. This teleporter links to the one on the North side of the tunnel near the Crucible of Astrid.

Boss Fight: Vara (Echo's Heart)

This boss seems relatively straightforward currently. Weak point is at the head, and currently only has 2 phases. Aim for the head for extra damage, doesn’t appear to be any additional weak points. Still need to get more information for this fight, but this is what I have currently. It's not much, but working on it.


Phase 1: Default Phase


Phase seems pretty standard. Stand in the middle of the arena launching attacks. Occasionally summon a few Dominion troops. Below is a list of attacks I've seen.

Attack List:


Charged Fire Beam: Much like the reworked Fire Valkyries, it's a charged beam that deals high damage and will always inflict status. Will always follow a Freeze from Ice Barrage.

Flame Waves: Vara Targets up to two players with a pillar-like indicator. Fire waves will be sent out from these player's locations at their current height. 

Tip: This attack is often preceded by the Voiceline “Burn.”

Ring of Fire: Vara creates a ring of fire at the end of the arena and pulls it towards her. Stand in the middle of the room near Vara to avoid this attack. This Attack is a guaranteed kill in GM3.

Tip: This attack is usually preceded by the voicelines “Get over here.” or “You think you can Escape?”

Ice Barrage: Vara will launch a small barrage of Ice projectiles at a player, high chance to freeze on hit. Always Followed up by the Charged Fire Beam if a Freeze is inflicted.

Summon Dominion: Vara summons 10 Dominion Troopers in the middle of the Arena.

Tip: This is usually preceded by the voiceline “The Dominion will rule this world.” 


Phase 2: The Floor is Lava


More of the same, but Vara relocates herself to one of the farthest pillars. However if you want to live, I suggest staying on the pillars yourself. She Spreads fire across the entire battlefield, while disabling Flight, leaving the pillars safe. If you want to be able to melee her, you need to predict which pillar she will be on, which can be hard.


She seems to enter and leave this phase every 20% HP. Meaning at 80% and 40% Health is when this becomes active.

Attack List:

Stationary Fireballs: Casts ~5-7 Fireballs on your squad. These Fireballs leave a lingering AoE for a bit. Be careful these don't land on your platforms. Depending on javelin, it can be safest to drop to the floor when each spawns, to keep them out of the way.

Tip: Each Fireball is usually preceded by a scream. The scream is the cue that the location has been set and you need to move.

Blazing Floor: This gives the phase its name. Vara disables flight for all Javelins (Storms can still hover), and sets the arena on fire. Pillars are left as the only safe areas.


Defeating Vara will double your total score, so you must absolutely make sure you leave enough time to do so.