Sunken Cell

Welcome to the Anthem Enclave seasonal Sunken Cell walkthrough. This guide will teach you everything you need to know in order to get the highest score possible and earn the most crystals per run. Each section is accompanied by a screenshot (click to see full resolution) showing the approximate locations of every collectable you need to find.

Everything you do in the "seasonal" strongholds will earn you points, points are multiplied by your current multiplier and your multiplier is increased by collecting Golden Orbs, killing mini bosses spawned by completing puzzles and successfully completing events in each major room (there will be an event timer displayed, fail to complete it with in the timer and you will not get the multiplier AND you will lose one as well).

Time is also very important. Each event will award you a large chunk of points, these points are based on the time remaining on the event timer which is then multiplied by your current multiplier. The faster you move through the stronghold, the more points you will finish with!

Room 1

The easiest secret, but possibly the hardest fight in the game! The only secret in this first room is a Golden Orb that always spawns in the same location.

Fly down from the entrance room and around to the opposite side of the "roof" of the area you need to fight in, the orb will always be in this same spot, on top of the machine. Be careful not to go too low, or forget, because once the flight suppression kicks in, you wont be able to get it until after the event ends.

Finish the event as quickly as you can by staying in the circle and not letting any enemies in (time = points!) and then head into the tunnel to the next room.


The first hallway between rooms is the only hallway in the stronghold worth it's own section. Through here we have the first note trail, another Golden Orb, and three Red Crates.

The Golden Orb will almost always be in the "A" position (you may never see it anywhere else). The chance of it spawning in "B" seems to be extremely low, but it can happen. As soon as you enter the tunnel, drop down and to the right, the multiplier orb should be tucked into this little space in the wall. If it's not, it should be in the "B" position, which is in the third and final ring you fly through at the far end of the tunnel, in an opening near the top.

Along the edges of the water on both sides will be three Red Crates. Some of them can be hard to see, even though they are not hidden, because they often have a layer of dirt/slime on them making them much duller than normal and somewhat camouflaged.

Grab the note trail as you fly through, making sure to ONLY grab the blue note and never a green note. This trail continues through Room 2.

Room 2

Room 2 is fairly simple, but it has a trick. The first Grabbit Statue might be here, but it usually isn't. Most of the time it's in the next room, up the water conduit. Make sure to thoroughly look here, because you really do not want to waste time coming back for it.

There are three possible spawns. "A" is up high, on one of the platforms beside the water conduit. "B" is on the ledge just above the hatch that opens when you complete the two puzzles in here (the back side of the conduit from the entrance). The last is right underneath the entrance door, marked "C" on the third image above, but also directly underneath where the first image was taken. If none of those are right, it should be in the next room. "C" seems to be the most likely spawn in this room.

Clear the room, complete the puzzles (activate the pyramid relics, watch the pattern flash on the three pads and then step on them in that order after it finishes) and hurry up the tube. The first event timer starts here, but it goes through THREE rooms before completing in room 4, so you really need to hustle.

Room 3

Two more possible Grabbit Statue spawns here, linked to the 3 in the last room. If you didn't find it in Room 2, you should find it in one of these two locations. Also three spawns for a Golden Orb. Image 1 is taken from the entrance door, and image 2 is looking backwards from the far end.

Grab the multiplier first, to maximize points from the kills in this room. "A" spawn is tucked back into the far right corner, well hidden, but you can often see the light glowing on the walls in the corner if it's there. "B" is in a similar spot, on the opposite end (behind and to the right of the entrance)., tucked behind the conduit structure. "C" is under a small platform, on the right side of the beam that holds it up.

Grabbit spawn "D" seems to be by far the most common of all five possible, just up on a ledge on the right side as you enter. "E" is to the left of the exit door, tucked into the corner.

Room 4

No collectables in here, but the first secret mini boss puzzle.

When you enter the room, look up at the machine in the middle. There will be seven triangles, which correspond to the seven rods around the ring that you need to sink into the floor. Sink ONLY the rods with a green arrow, and the boss will spawn. If any red arrow rods are pushed down, you will have to wait for them to reset and try again.

As soon as the boss spawns, try to quickly finish the other 3 rods before the green ones reset. Kill the boss and any spawns that are alive and move on. Tip: you can open your map and hold the respawn button here once the event is complete to teleport back to the water conduit and save quite a bit of time.

Room 5

Just a Golden Orb here, and a ton of dominion trying to kill you. Try to get the orb quick to maximize points off of all these kills

Four possible locations this time. "A" is up on the top level, hiding behind the big pillar. "B" is very high up in the air, near the ceiling, towards the exit door. You will find "C" down a small side hallway on the left, just after the middle turret in front of the exit door. Finally, "D" is directly above the door you came in through. I've found that A and C are far more common here than any others, which is why i usually go for "A" first.

Once you finish this room, head through the door and there will be two or three Red Crates around the water, usually one or two right at the door, and the others on small ledges beside the water. If only two are before the water, there will be a third once you come out of the water on the other side. There is also a note trail that goes through the water and leads to room 6.

Tip: if someone else is grabbing the note trail, you can respawn here to teleport into the next room without having to swim.

Room 6 - Floor 1

We're splitting this room into three sections, one for each floor, because there is just too much to show and too many screenshots. The first floor is simple, one Red Orb, and maybe a grabbit statue.

When running with friends, it's best to split and do all 3 floors at once. First floor, grab the first of the five Red Orbs that will spawn the mini boss on the top floor, and then head to the back of the room and complete the ring lock puzzle.

This grabbit spawn I never even check. This is an extremely uncommon spawn, so rare that I've never seen it myself. The Grabbit Statue is basically ALWAYS on the waterfall on Floor 2. Check the waterfall first, and if it's actually not there, come back for it.

Room 6 - Floor 2

Floor 2, as mentioned previously, almost definitely will have the Grabbit Statue ("B") sitting on the top of the waterfall.

Also there will be 2 Red Orbs to pick up. "2" will be on the right wall as you come up from the first floor, just past the waterfall. "3" is on the opposite side of the room, on top of a small structure on the wall.

Just left of the third Red Orb, on the ground against the wall, is the first possible Golden Orb spawn at "A".

Room 6 - Floor 3

The pinacle of Room 6. The final two Red Orbs and the second Golden Orb spawn.

When you fly up from floor 2 you will come up right beside the Golden Orb "B" spawn. It's not hidden, so have a look and grab it if it's there.

Right above that is the fourth Red Orb, up on another structure similar to the ones on floor 2. In fact, both spawns are nearly the same here as floor 2. Fly across the room to the opposite side and grab "5", which will spawn the mini boss right in front of the ring lock puzzle.

Quickly finish the lock puzzle on each floor by locking each ring so the symbols line up and head into the water conduit.

Puzzle + Laser hallway

Puzzle time! As you come up the conduit you will be in a circular room with symbol tiles scattered around and a partially filled board. This puzzle is essentially just Sudoku, and a very easy version. This is my favourite of the four stronghold puzzles because its extremely easy once you do it a couple of times and very quick, with no luck or RNG to mess you up.

Complete the puzzle by putting one of each symbol inside of each 2x2 square, each horizontal line, and each vertical line. No symbol can repeat inside the red box, or along the yellow and green lines. There will always be enough tiles already placed to make this quite simple.

After the puzzle room is another note trail, and it's a super tricky one that zigs and zags and circles back. It tries very hard to make you mess up, so take it slow. There will also be three Red Crates between here and Room 7.

In the Laser hall, there will be a Golden Orb. It's almost always in the center of the tunnel (shown on image 2) but it can also rarely spawn on top of the platforms along the bottom (like the one the Red Crate is sitting on)

Room 7

The final room, the final Golden Orb, the final Grabbit Statue and one last mini boss to spawn.

This room is pretty disorienting, because there is little different between any wall you look at. The Golden Orb will spawn on one of the light rings along the wall, but it's near impossible to know if it's one specific ring, or potentially all of them. Scan around until you find it.

Similar situation with the Grabbit Statue. The "A" spawn is sitting on the door ring that you fly in through, so check that first as you enter. This seems to be the most common (for me at least. "B" can be found sitting on the top of the posts that support the top ring of the room, again, I have no idea if it's one specific post or any of them. "C" is at the bottom of the posts, on the lowest ring, check all around the circle. While down there, watch the outside of the room at the same level for the "E" spawn, on a small platform along the wall. The last spot is up near the echo collection pad, to the left on a small ledge marked "D".

There is also a mini boss here, which is spawned by putting echos into receptacles along the bottom level of the room. The boss will spawn on the platform where the echo pad and the exit hatch is. Bring in the 12 echos and kill the boss (once the boss is spawned you can finish the event before killing the boss for a little more points on the boss kill). After that, it's on to The Unfathomed. You can respawn here again to skip ahead to the boss room.

The fourth Grabbit Statue is right beside the entrance, and the grabbit will spawn there while you wait for the boss to show up. Kill them all and enjoy your stack of crystals!