The Temple of Scar


Welcome to the Anthem Enclave seasonal Temple of Scar walkthrough. This guide will teach you everything you need to know in order to get the highest score possible and earn the most crystals per run. Each section is accompanied by a screenshot (click to see full resolution) showing the approximate locations of every collectable you need to find.

Everything you do in the "seasonal" strongholds will earn you points, points are multiplied by your current multiplier and your multiplier is increased by collecting golden orbs, killing mini bosses spawned by completing puzzles and successfully completing events in each major room (there will be an event timer displayed, fail to complete it with in the timer and you will not get the multiplier AND you will lose one as well).

Time is also very important. Each event will award you a large chunk of points, these points are based on the time remaining on the event timer which is then multiplied by your current multiplier. The faster you move through the stronghold, the more points you will finish with!

Room 1

Anthem Temple of Scar Seasonal stronghold room 1 secrets

Lots to do in room 1! Five red orbs, one golden multiplier orb and one grabbit statue. In an ideal situation you always want to gather all multipliers before you kill anything, as every kill is worth points so you want the highest multiplier you can get on them. It's not a huge difference in points though, so don't stress too much about it.

First thing you will notice are the bright red orbs. There are 5 red orbs around the room, collect all 5 to spawn the mini boss which will give you +1 multiplier when killed.

The first is on a hut just to your right as you enter the room, from there fly straight over the main structure in the middle of the room and collect the second orb just behind it against the right wall. Number 3 will be in the middle of the bridge that cuts across the room. Four is basically in line with #2, on the opposite side of the room just behind the structure. Finally, five is on the ground under the bridge on the left side.

Fly up to the top of the bridge, more or less directly above the red orb inside the bridge, to grab the golden orb before heading down to kill the mini boss you just spawned with the red orbs.

Now you can clear the room and finish the event as normal (kill the turrets and all scar, stop the alarms, clear the room and then kill the gatekeeper), but don't forget to find the grabbit statue before you leave! There are 5 possible spawn locations in this room. Starting at the top right of the image above, way up the side of the wall on a small ledge is #1. The second is under the right side of the bridge, on the rock cliff inside the scaffolding. #3 is underneath the platform on the left side of the first half of the room, and 4 is in a similar spot in the back half of the room. The last possible spawn is up on a ledge just to the right of the door you will exit through.

Hallway 1

Anthem Temple of Scar Seasonal stronghold hallway 1 secrets

The hallway between rooms 1 and 2 is small, but still pretty densely packed. One golden orb, a note chain and three red crates.

When going for the note chain, be sure to ONLY pick up the blue note. As you grab the blue, the next green in the chain will turn blue, all the way until the last note which will turn purple. Green notes are worth 10 points, blue is 50 and purple is 900, so breaking the chain hurts. If a green note is picked up, the chain breaks and nothing after will change to blue.

The golden orb will spawn in one of three locations. First check under the ramp on the left side as you fly in. Next, a little further ahead in some scaffolding at the bottom of the ledge. The last location is in a little alcove in the back of the room. They are all pretty easy to see, you shouldnt have too much trouble here.

There will be three red crates around this area also. They are not marked on the screen shot because they are the least important part of the run and are generally quite easy to spot. Have a look around through the entire hall (not just the first part that has all the notes) but if you miss one or two here and there its really not that big of a deal.

Room 2

Room 2 is pretty straightforward, but the grabbit statues are sneaky here. Five possible grabbit spawns again, plus a little puzzle to complete in order to spawn another mini boss. This entire room can be completed before killing a single enemy, which is the ideal strategy if you can manage it, save the kills for after you get the 2x multipiers. Spawn the mini boss (make sure you do this first, if you finish the room event before the boss spawns you will not be able to), complete the room event, kill the mini boss and then clear the room.

On the top level of the room there will be 4 "weights" that need to be placed on the four pads on the bottom level. They are large black pyramid shaped objects with a little blue glow coming off them. They are simple to find, always in the same spots and not really hidden at all.

The first grabbit spawn is on the left side of the big generator on the back wall of the lower floor, next is hidden under the ramp up to the top floor and the third can be found in the scaffolding of the roof between the floors (from the bottom side) near the back. Fourth will be on a small ledge on the back right of the second floor (beside a small platform holding a weight and cannister) and the fifth and final is hidden way behind a wall and bunch of junk on the far left side, tucked way into a corner (very hidden).

To complete the room event, just collect the 3 red cannisters around the room (2 bottom, 1 top) and put them in the machine near the door. DO NOT finish the event before you spawn the mini boss. Once the boss is spawned you can complete the event (nothing will despawn) which will give you an extra multiplier on the boss kill.

Hallway 2

I've split the hallway between rooms 2 and 3 in into two sections, there is a single note chain that runs through both but each of them has its own golden orb and there will be 3 red crates combined between the two sections

Three spawns for the golden orb here, up on the platform to the left, down at the very bottom of the pit tucked against the front wall which makes it hard to see, and at the top of the waterfall on the back right of this room.

Grab the golden orb, check around for red crates and then follow the note chain into the next section of this hallway.

Hallway 3

Anthem Temple of Scar Seasonal stronghold hallway 3 secrets

Pick up the golden orb before you finish the note chain if you can. First spot to check is in the little huts on the left as you enter the room. Next is up on a little platform on the back left, just past the bridge that cuts across. Last, in the back right corner, to the right of the big fire pit.

Finish the note chain, look for the red crates (usually 2 in here) and kill all the scar before moving to Room 3.

Room 3

Room 3 is large, and very spread out. One grabbit statue with 5 possible spawns and a mini boss to spawn by using bombs to blow up 5 large rocks. These rocks and bombs all have static spawns, and it was just too much to take pictures of so many things, but you should be able to find them all fairly easily.

Grabbit spawn 1 (not pictured) is directly above your head as you fly into the room. As soon as you come in the door, look up and right at the big metal panel sitting flat against the wall, the grabbit can spawn on the panel ridges. Fly into the room, staying right and up on to a slightly raised platform to check for the second spawn hiding behind a small fence just after some little huts. Third is up on the wall about 15~ feet left of the exit door (that you need to blow up with 5 explosives) and four is just further up and left on to the higher platform, sitting on the wall to your left as you move under a section of scaffolding. The last spawn is underneath #4, in the lower tunnel hiding between a large tank and some boxes.

Spawn the mini boss ASAP, clear the enemies and place the explosives at the door and finish the event as quick as you can and then continue to hall 4.

Hallway 4

Anthem Temple of Scar Seasonal stronghold hallway 4 secrets

Quick, simple room. Nothing too complicated here. One golden orb with only 3 possible spawns, and a note chain that continues all the way through the next room, plus a few red crates around (one is visible between the two metal plates in the picture above).

As soon as you come into the room, check the platform on the wall to your right for the first golden orb location, next check inside a small alcove a little bit further into the room on the left side and the final spot is underneath the last platform on the right all the way at the back.

Kill all the enemies and follow the note trail into the final room.

Room 4

The final room with any seasonal objectives. A golden orb with 3 possible locations, red crates, and a puzzle.

Look for the golden orb right away, first head straight down to the basement (near the puzzle) and check this spot which is nearest to the entrance of the room. If not there, head up to the second tier of platforms (the second lowest marked turret), one spawn inside of a box, and the final one is up on a bridge that (usually) will have a Scar sniper standing beside it.

Head down the the very lowest section to find the puzzle. It's pretty simple, though sometimes frustrating. When you step on a circle, that circle and the ones directly beside it (in a +, not diagonals) will change colour. The goal is to turn everything green. If you get to the point where one or two are red and you can turn them green, but some green will turn red at the same time, usually that half second where everything is green is good enough. Sometimes the puzzle hates you and it's not, but most of the time if you can get all 9 green for any length of time it works and the black orb beside the puzzle will lift up and drop you a pile of notes.

Note: these notes that come from the puzzle (this applies to the puzzle in each stronghold) are NOT affected by multipliers, so you don't need to worry about getting multipliers first.

Now just complete the note chain that spirals to the top of the room and scan around for red crates while you clear out all the Scar.

Grabbit cave

The end of the road. The fourth grabbit is just sitting here, under the bright (hopefully green) arrows. Each arrow is tied to a specific grabbit, so if they aren't all green it will tell you which room you missed one in. You can go back for them, as long as your team does not press forward and they all wait. Kill the fourth here and the real grabbit will spawn just in the next room.

The last golden orb is also in this room, and its an easy one. First spawn is directly on top of the doorway you come in through, next is up on the broken metal snake-thing on the left and the last one is at the end of the little pond at the bottom, just under the platform at the back of the room. The grabbit will spawn on this platform, kill it and then move on to Scelos. Be careful not to chase the grabbit down the hall towards the next room, moving into that hall will start the Scelos event timer and your event points will start ticking down while you're still fighting the grabbit. If he runs away just wait, he will come back.

From here there is nothing different than a normal Temple of the Scar run, other than time still being a factor in your final score. Clear up the rest of the run as quick as you can (but don't miss out on Scar kills in the boss room, those are points!) and collect your stack of crystals.

Happy hunting, Freelancer.