Tyrant Mine

Welcome to the Anthem Enclave seasonal Tyrant Mine walkthrough. This guide will teach you everything you need to know in order to get the highest score possible and earn the most crystals per run. Each section is accompanied by a screenshot (click to see full resolution) showing the approximate locations of every collectable you need to find.

Everything you do in the "seasonal" strongholds will earn you points, points are multiplied by your current multiplier and your multiplier is increased by collecting golden orbs, killing mini bosses spawned by completing puzzles and successfully completing events in each major room (there will be an event timer displayed, fail to complete it with in the timer and you will not get the multiplier AND you will lose one as well).

Time is also very important. Each event will award you a large chunk of points, these points are based on the time remaining on the event timer which is then multiplied by your current multiplier. The faster you move through the stronghold, the more points you will finish with!


Anthem Tyrant Mine Seasonal Entrance multiplier

Show time! The first collectable comes quick, but very easy. The image above is looking back towards the spawn room from just inside the first cave. As you fly into the cave, immediately look down and to the left and grab the first golden orb.

Room 1

The first room has a lot going on, so let's break it down. 5 red orbs to spawn the mini boss. A Grabbit statue. A golden orb, and then the 8 echos from the normal Tyrant Mine run that finishes the first event.

First, find the golden orb to get the multiplier and maximize points on the event. As you come into the room, take a hard right and look for the "B" spawn in the second picture as it's closer and easier to check. If its not there, turn around and head up the hill past the turrets, it will be behind a rock on the left side marked "A" in the first picture.

NOTE: It's possible to head straight into Room 2, and grab the multiplier there right away to get even more points off of the first room. This is risky when playing without a full group, as you are relying on the others to take care of room 1 for you because it takes a while and you probably won't have time to do everything when you get back. While there you can also look around for the Grabbit statue, but don't waste too much time on it, you can get it later.

Spawn the mini boss by collecting the 5 red orbs next. The best order to grab them in depends on which golden orb spawn you got. They are all floating around the outside of this room, basically the whole way between the two golden orb spawns. If starting on the left side (Picture 1) the order will be 1-2-5-4-3. From the right (Picture 2) will be 3-4-5-2-1. Kill the boss, get the event (echos) finished ASAP and look for the grabbit statue.

Four possible Grabbit statue spawns here, all pretty easy to check. "A" is up on the wall just left of the tunnel that you come out of as you enter the room, easy to check right away as you come in. "B" is up on a ledge with some pools of water, having a nice bath. "C" is up at the very top/back end of this room, on the left side ledge between some rocks. "D" is opposite of "C", up on top of a large rock.

Room 2

Room 2 is pretty quick and easy, in terms of seasonal changes. Another golden orb and a Grabbit statue (which you may have already grabbed if you went ahead during room 1) and a mini boss to spawn using the echos around the room.

Grab the golden orb first, if you haven't already. Spawn "A" is behind a large rock, to the right of the caged echos on the left side of the room. "B" is behind another large rock, beside the big arch in the back-middle of the room. "C" is the back right corner, near a waterfall.

While flying around grab some echos and start working on the mini boss spawn. There are 3 echo receptacles around the room, they will be clearly marked on your compass/screen when you are holding an echo. One is in a little alcove to the left of the big archway at the back, another is behind the lower turret on the right side of the room, and the last is above the big shaper subwoofer on a high ledge (shown on picture 2). Get an echo in each and kill the boss. You will need to go back and take the echos out once the boss has spawned to bring them to the collection pad to finish the event.

The Grabbit is sneaky here, hiding very well. "A" is in a small Grabbit-sized hole in the wall on your left right as you come into the event. "B" is up high on a ledge above the caged echos and "A" golden orb spawn on the left side of the room. "C" is on a rock hiding in between a bunch of Skorpion eggs. "D" and "E" are in similar positions, on the far right wall near the hallway to the next room, in another small Grabbit-sized hole, the two spawns are only maybe 100 feet apart.

Finish the event ASAP and grab the chest. The first note chain starts just beyond the chest, in the mined hallway. Follow it up and over the metal arches and off to the right around the waterfalls, be careful to only grab the note that turns blue and not a green note, or you will break the chain.

Hallway 1

After following the note chain you will enter the Skorpion tunnels. Kill everything on your way through, and keep an eye out for the red crates which will give you a pile of blue notes when broken, there will be some here. At the end of the first section you come to a drop, which is where image 1 here is showing.

There will be a golden orb in this hall, with only two possible locations. "A" is directly under the cliff you fly over after clearing the first Skorpion spawn. If it's not there, it will be at the far end of the hall, just before you dive into the water, on your immediate right as you enter that room.

Also, in this hallway, is the stronghold puzzle. Take the five tiles and place them on the board, the triangle symbols will light up on the wall and tell you how many right you have. There is no way to know which specific tiles are right, so it's really just down to trial and error. There is a blank space in the center which you can use to open up a spot on the board. Take one tile off, put it in the center, move another tile to the now open space, then put the first one where the second was and see if the triangle lights change.

Keep shuffling 2 tiles at a time until you figure out which ones are right (or until you get lucky and hit all 5). This is the hardest of the four stronghold puzzles, and can be very frustrating sometimes, but once you figure out your rhythm it usually wont take more than a few minutes.

Note: When running solo, going for this puzzle can be a pretty big risk. The puzzle is only worth 20,000 points and is NOT affected by multiplier. That means it's total value is only about 150,000 points in Grandmaster 3 after the difficulty bonus. If your team screws up the next room and you aren't there to clean up after them, you could lose 10x that. I will often give the puzzle about 1 minute and if it's not one I can do quickly, I leave it.

After you are done with the puzzle, open your map and hit the respawn button to save yourself some flight time into the next event

Room 3

Here we have a juicy DOUBLE golden orb situation, and they are very easy to find.

The first has a permanent location, it never moves. As soon as you come through the door, fly straight across to the eggs on a little bridge, it will be behind the middle egg, as indicated in the first image.

The second has two possible spawns, both at the same vertical level. drop down to the underside of the big mechanical... thing?... in the middle of the room. Near the bottom, on the left side (when looking from the entrance) is the "A" spawn. "B" will be on the other side of the room, against the wall but at the same altitude as "A".

There is quite a lot going on in this room, and you really don't get a lot of time to mess around if your team isn't being productive. Gotta go fast!

The mini boss is spawned by activating three pressure pads which are located in the three tunnels around the outside of the room (where the relics are). The order they need to be activated in is shown by activating the relic underneath the platform. While looking at this relic, the left/middle/right order relates to the caves from this perspective, so the cave immediately to your left is "left", and the first one on your right is "middle" with the furthest right being "right". Click the images above for a more visual guide.

There is also the third Grabbit statue in this room, with 5 possible spawns. There is one spawn in each of the three tunnels, somewhere in the main room at the end where the relics and pressure plate is. Should be along the walls, not hard to spot. The other two are in the main room, "A" being in a small hole inside a stalagmite beside the main platform and "B" is underneath the ramp up to the platform.

Now, since we are in a seasonal event, every kill matters even more. Do not turn in the 6th relic until all the Scars have been killed, UNLESS you are running out of time to finish the event. you will need almost 3 full minutes to stand on the platform, so be aware of that.

Finish up the event, head through the door and you will see the final Grabbit statue with the 4 symbols showing whether or not you found them all. Kill the grabbit and move forward, unlike the other seasonal strongholds, the Grabbit spawns quite far ahead of the final statue.

Hallway 2

The home stretch! One last golden orb, a note chain and the Golden Grabbit.

After you leave the final event, get the final Grabbit statue and pass through a short, winding tunnel, you will come across a small canyon. The first possible spawn for the golden orb, "A", is at the bottom of this trench on the left side. The start of the note chain is also in this trench, which will take you through into the next room.

In the next room there will be a bunch of Skorpions and the end of the note chain, off to the right will be the Golden Grabbit. Above the Grabbit, way up on a ledge near the top, is the second possible golden orb spawn, "B".

Note: extremely rarely (I've never seen it, but am told it is possible) the golden orb can potentially be in a third location. At the end of the stronghold in the final room before the boss where you wait for the door to open, there is a dead Swarm Tyrant (giant spider boss). If you didn't find the golden orb at "A" or "B", it could possibly be behind this dead bug.

Now all that's left is to squish a little bug. While kills are worth points and there are potentially a lot of kills to farm in the boss room, speed on the boss kill will always be worth more points in the end so don't hold back, get the job done.